Monday, June 26, 2017

Wheaten Woolens ~ The Shopping

In addition to shopping Wheaten Woolens, folk artist Ginny Henson was again set up with her amazing folk art, antiques and topiaries.

Ginny has an amazing green thumb and her topiaries are like works of art. 

Magical creations where garden fairies would love to live.

Variegated leaves always seem to call to me...

Mom bought this sweet bird from Ginny.

And I bought this sweet bunny. I also bought the old tin box in the middle from Ginny. The box on the bottom has held my sewing notions for years and I loved how Ginny's box stacked perfectly. I have several magnets on the inside lid of my box, so the stack holds together quite nicely.

I bought this lovely hand-dyed linen from Rebekah and some pretty notecards from her daughter, Kelsey Anilee.

And what did we buy from Wheaten Woolens, you ask?
Well, Mom and I had quite a bit of fun!

Here are Mom's wonderful purchases.

An awesome handmade basket by Cyndy Simmons
and a sweet handmade sheep with old square nail legs.

And a fabulous selection of wool.

And look at my awesome basket made by Cyndy Simmons!
Thanks Mom for such a wonderful surprise!!!!

The colors are gorgeous and I love that braided finish!

I tried to resist buying wool, but some colors are too hard to resist ;)

And hand-dyed velvet had to come home with me too. I'm thinking some pumpkins my appear from these in a few months... 

And you know that I couldn't resist that amazing collection of Rustic Wool Moire threads! 
My collection certainly grew in one day lol!

And here is where you can join in the fun:

A giveaway of a little charm pack of Wheaten Woolens hand dyed wool and a bonus...
I accidently purchased a spool of Rustic Wool Moire thread in a color that I already own,
so you can have a chance to try it out :)

Please leave a comment on this post, or send me an email to 
with WW Giveaway in the subject line and tell me...
What will you be doing this 4th of July?
I will pick a winner on July 3rd using
Thanks for joining in our trip!

Thanks also for your continuing prayers and positive thoughts!
Mom will be starting chemo this week and
my sister-in-law, Joy will have her second round of chemo this week.
Mom has her wool projects prepped and Joy has fabric for a new quilt,
so I think that they are both all set!

He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary,
    and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.
~Isaiah 40:29-31

Blessings, Patti 


Dirt Road Primitives said...

Oh what wonderful purchases and lovely lovely wools....those baskets are just amazing.......many many prayers for your mom and sister in to hear they have projects ready to help heal their souls as they heal their bodies....


marie said...

We will be celebrating some dear friends 25th anniversary with at BBQ at their home. I loved all the photos of Wheaton Woolens, on my bucket list to visit. Blessings for you mother and sister in law and glad to hear they have some project to work on.

Prims By The Water said...

Sending prayers your way for both your mom and SIL. I will be spending time with my grands for the 4th. Would love to win some of that fantastic wool and thread. Have a great week! Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

DSO will have his annual 4th of July party and we have a great view of the fireworks from his house.
Moire thread has become so popular. I'd love to add to my collection.
Great purchases as always.
Prayers for mom and s-i-l Joy.
Hugs 😉

marly said...

Those baskets are SO nice. Love the bird and your box, well, everything you purchased. Not familiar with the thread, will look into it. The 4th is when we have the water hoses ready for all the neighbors' misfired fireworks hitting into our dried tinder cedar siding.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Love all you have shared about this trip. You show us so much - thank you! Would love to win the giveaway to use in finishing some items. 4th will be quiet as Phoenix is still expected to be 110 or hotter. Not going out in the heat. My studio is cool and welcoming. Prayers are with all of you for healing. So glad they have projects to do.

Jacqueline said...

So many goodies. I am glad you Ladies had such a good time.

It will be a quiet 4th here. I have three nieces coming into town on the 6th for a long weekend and will do some celebrating then.

Best of luck for your family with the chemo treatments. They are rough.

Jean Bee said...

Wow, you two got some treasures! I'd love to win the's in my favorite colors. I've never tried wool thread. This 4th I'll still be unpacking my condo from the remodel and packing my suitcase to go to Spring Green for Stitch Camp! See you there!

Marilyn said...

What great purchases, the baskets are awesome.
We will be relaxing, going for cycle rides, watching fireworks, and grilling out this weekend.
I hope the weather co=operates!
Happy 4th!

Debra G said...

The 4th will be a quiet day at home, hopefully working on my granddaughters graduation quilt. Beautiful wool and threads! Praying for your mom and SIL.

Jonette said...

We will spend a quiet day at home and enjoy a swim in the pool. Would love to win this nice prize. Prayers for your family members.

Annmarie said...

Of course, prayers continue for you family. Thanks again for sharing more of your trip-wish I was there having such fun. We are having a small (about 15) family get together at my sister's place -family fun is always the best. Enjoy your holiday

denise said...

Family time! if the weather is nice pool time with my grandkids and if rainy will take the "bigs" to the free kids movie at the cobb theater. then dogs on the grill and fireworks. would love to visit wheaton woolwns!

Cynthia G. said...

Spending it with family. Will be spending the day at my sisters with her family and my other two sisters along with my 91 year old father. Enjoy your holiday.

susan hemann said...

I love when you visit shops and show the store and what you purchased. I wish Weaton Woolens had a bigger on line presence. I would love to purchase some of Kelsey Smith note cards but on her site she doesn't have anything listed.My prayers go out to your Mother and family. I remember traveling with my mother, taking classes, shopping. Such fun!
I will be with my daughter and 2 grandchildren on the 4th. We are a small family now. i remember the huge family picnics on the 4th growing up.
Hope your day is special too.

krislovesfabric said...

Prayers for your mom and SIL, we will be spending our 4th at home with family, perhaps there will be some grilling! :) Happy 4th to you as well!

LD said...

I'll be visiting my daughter and her family that includes my two beautiful grandchildren.

Kay Sciullo said...

Looking forward to fun, sun, family and good food! Love your Wheaten Woolens posts and purchases! So nice you and your mom could spend special time together. Prayers to you and your whole family.

Lillian Carol said...

I love to see what you find in the shops you visit....such wonderful treasures! Sending prayers for your mom and sister in law. I will be spending the 4th at home with family, picnic food, and community fireworks. I am just really getting back into wool and would love to try the wool thread in your giveaway. Happy 4th to you and your family!

Barb said...

Trip sounded wonderful. I will be hopefully stitching away outside of the higher temps. Will watch the neighborhood fireworks as well.

Best of thoughts to your mom and SIL.

Nancy said...

You know just were to go and have wonderful places to shop. I feel like you are shopping for me too. On the 4th I think I will get ready to stitch a wool piece with the American Flag in it. Love your travels. Prayers for Mom. I know you will take care of Mom. Nancy P.

Me and My Stitches said...

Wow - you found some awesome treasures! I love the look of the Moire thread, but haven't tried it yet. They look just like candy in that dish! So sorry about your mom - will be sending hugs and prayers to you both. We don't have any plans yet for the 4th. I think I'm in denial that it's almost July already!

Anonymous said...

The trip and the pictures make me want to try something new and the moire thread is just the thing to experiment with. For July 4th it a small town parade and having people over for a cook out/picnic. Sharon

Simple Pleasure said...

Such a wonderful time for you and thankful you were able to make this happen! ...and oh, the treasures you both purchased. I trust you are already putting them to good use...can't wait to see!
July 4th will be a low-keyed celebration for hubby and me...pulled pork and homemade baked beans top the menu...plenty of stitching time, too.
Prayer being offering for Mom and your SIL..
Warmest regards,

mckinney37397 said...

That was a great ,love all your trips.
My 4th may include a movie and going out to eat or maybe just stay home and cook out nothing definite yet.

Vicki Jo said...

What a lovely post and generous giveaway! You bought beautiful things. I will be praying for your mother. This 4th of July our family will be joining friends who live in a neighboring town not far from the fireworks display that we have traveled to for years and years. It will be fun to have a cookout at someone's house while watching the display! Have a great 4th!

Glenda said...

Wheaton Woolens looks like a beautiful place. Praying for your mother and SIL. I will be hosting a small cookout for family and friends. Last year we cooked for about 70 people and I said no more. All work and no play leaves this woman tired and grumpy!

Lisa K said...

Your purchases are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing some in a giveaway.....this 4th of July we will be at my 16 yr olds American Legion baseball game!!! Hope you have a lovely holiday. Lisa K

Lynn said...

Hi Patti
Love all your purchases especially the Fraktur note cards. I tried to email Kelsey and there is nothing on her website. Do you by chance know of how I can get ahold of her. I did send her an email but was wondering if you knew of another way.
Many thanks, Lynn

Debby said...

Love the goodies you purchased! The colors are awesome!

My hubby and I live in eastern NC and our youngest granddaughter, Avery (9 months old) lives in the mountains in western, NC. I have only seen her four times, so I am taking off from work the week of the 4th and heading to the mountains to see her and her parents. So excited! I, also, love mining for gems, so I will do a little of that, too!

Mugwump Woolies said...

I have so enjoyed all of your posts about this wonderful adventure you and your mother shared. Wheaten Woolens looks like a fun, fun place to visit! Everyday I light a candle...a collective remembrance for so and yours are included. This July 4th Annie and I will watch "A Capitol 4th" from D.C...wear our patriotic glow bracelets...and hold our ears when the neighborhood kids start setting off their fireworks. Last July 3rd we lost my favorite and last auntie...we will be remembering her
this year...and lighting a candle just for her.


Paula DiMattei said...

Those baskets are just wonderful. For the 4th of July I'm looking forward to putting my feet up and spending some time with a needle and thread. Hubby will be off playing golf. Sending hugs to you, your mom and SIL. I'll be praying for them .....and you too.

Kathy H said...

Those Baskets are beautiful. And what gorgeous colors of wool. On the fourth we will be watching the fireworks and listening to the community band.

Linda said...

What a lovely place to learn and Shop The wool is beautiful and the baskets are something special Nothing special for the 4th just food cooked out and feet up Whats so very SPECIAL is to be able to have your Mother with you as you both learn and shop together

Happy 4th


Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

What a wonderful trip to share with your Mom. Wished we lived closer to be able to visit Wheaten Woolens. Looks like a great place with lots on goodies to see and buy. I would love to be put on your list for the drawing. I have acquired a few of the Moire wool threads and would welcome more.
If the HOT and WINDY Mojave Desert weather allows, we will BBQ, keep safe and watch all the fireworks from our patio.
Have a great 4th of July and Happy Birthday America . . .


Kathy L. said...

Another wonderful trip! Love all your goodies. I would love to take a class with Rebekah. I would love to be included in your giveaway. I haven't tried the Moire wool threads yet. On the Fourth of July we will hopefully do a little grilling and maybe some time in the pool!
Thank you Kathy

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the Moire Wool Thread. Love all that you share here. My hubby and I will be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary on July 4th. Hope you and your family have a Very Happy July 4th.

Christine Gibbons

Anonymous said...

I just love all your goodies from your trips. This 4th of July we will be camping and I of course will have my sewing with me. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your treasures. We will be planning an afternoon cookout for my 94 year old Mom. She loves burgers on the grill.

dq said...

great give away, the 4th is one of my favourite celebrations and i am not even American but we get up and go the oldest running parade in Michigan which starts at 8 a.m The Hollyhock Parade it is in its 82 nd year (we think cannot remember exactly)

Colleen said...

Oooh nice goodies!! I would love a chance to win!

Lynn said...

Hi Patti
May I please be entered into your draw. Being Canadian we celebrated Canada's 150 Birthday yesterday. I celebrated with a family baseball game and then out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Theres nothing better than family.
Happy 4th of July to you Patti.
Blessings, Lynn

Ms Peppercorn said...

I will be attending a party hosted by my newly wed neice-in-law along with my brother. Looking forward to the fireworks!

Jenny Wright said...

Like Lynn, I am in Canada, but have many ties to the US so I will be thinking of friends and family on the 4th. I hope that you and yours have a lovely day.
Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
First, sending you & yours hugs & good thoughts as the ladies go through treatments.
We celebrated Canada Day with fireworks & good fun which seems to flow over to July 4th for our American friends!
I love how you share your road trips & thank you for a chance at the give-away. I enjoy working with wool & that thread looks lovely!
mgw070 at rogers dot com

Cindy said...

So thankful prayer works. I will pray for your mother and sister in law. The fourth will be a quiet day at home with hubby and a bit of sewing. I very much enjoy your blog post and seeing what you and your mother have been up to. Have a happy fourth yourself.

Debbie said...

Wandering in blogland and just found you! Gorgeous items all! Prayers for your family. I must doa lot of older post reading-Happy 4th to you too!