Thursday, September 24, 2009

A sneak peek and a thief

Fall is my favorite season ~ I'm so inspired by the changing leaves, the growing pumpkins and gourds and the anticipation of cooler days. My mind is whirling with ideas that I just must create and I'm constantly finding patterns by other designers that just must be stitched now! I have about a dozen projects in various stages of completion right now. My hopes are to update both TDIPT and Etsy on October 1st with all of these creations...

These two photos are some sneak peeks at a few things that I've finished... Lots more to come... I hope :)

If you recall last year, we grew a little plot of Indian Corn only to have the squirrels celebrate with a party in our backyard while we were out of town. Not to be discouraged, I grew indian corn again this year. No out of town trips are planned and I diligently looked each morning and evening for any sign that the squirrels discovered it. A week ago I decided to pick an ear and see how it looked - It was regular old corn! I decided to dry it anyway and found that it changes colors as it dried. So I decided I would pick all of my corn this coming weekend and dry it inside so as to not take any chances.

I did my regular check this morning and there wasn't an ear out of place. Tonight I came home to this:

In the 12 hours that I was gone, one or more squirrels ate every ear of corn but one! How could they do that so quickly?!?! I do like squirrels, but I hope that the guilty squirrels are dealing with stomach aches right now! They were going to get the corn the day after Thanksgiving when I take all my autumn decorations down... Well, at least I have two ears of indian corn and some corn stalks to decorate with...
If you have any hints on detering the squirrels, please let me know. I will not be defeated and plan to do some research between now and spring planting...
Hope your autumn harvests are safe from bandits!
Blessings, Patti
p.s. While I was proofing, my oldest son just came in and said that there is an opposum eating what little leftovers he can scrounge *sigh*


Doreen said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your thieves...they can be a pain..I have corn stalks with corn on my porch and they pick them clean..right on the porch!

Love the sneak peeks.

Enjoy your day,

Beth Twist said...

Oooo... I LOVE your fabric leaves!

As for the critters, it never ceases to amaze me how they can pounce and devour at the *exact moment* of perfect ripeness. So sorry about your corn loss.

Someone's Mom said...

I am so sorry, you must have been crushed! I didn't know they could eat it all like that! Can't wait to see the new designs.


Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Oh those bad squirrels! That is such a shame. I would have been've been waiting for a long time. They have been running around like little crazy critters here the past few weeks digging holes and burying nuts everywhere. Hope this doesn't mean a bad winter. Enjoy your two ears and happy autumn!
Warm hugs ~~ Jenn