Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Blooming!

I've wanted a lilac bush ever since we bought our house 14 years ago. Each May I walk down they alley sneakily cutting blooms from branches that hang over the neighbors fences. Last year we planted three lilac bushes, but not until mid-June after they bloomed. I've been anxiously awaiting their blooms this year - and wow are they blooming!

I took this picture after I cut bouquets for every room of the house - including the bathrooms! I just walk through the house and happily inhale :)

A German friend of ours told us to look for flowers with three or five petals as they are good luck. How fun! We peer over the bouquets and can usually find at least one - much easier than a four leaf clover and the smell is divine!

The lilacs aren't the only thing blooming - so are the perenial geraniums.

And the strawberries, too!
Hope your weekend is filled with blooms and fragrant flowers!
Blessings, Patti