Sunday, May 17, 2009

and more treasures...

What a wonderful weekend! I made it to the Garden Club plant sale early. I've been admiring the bleeding hearts throughout the neighborhood and now I have some of my own! I bought an Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart and two Everblooming Bleeding Hearts. I just couldn't resist a Columbine plant, too.

Then I headed over to the estate sale and this is what I found:

I'm not sure why the metal document box appealed to me, but it was cheap enough :) The little candle snuff was sweet and useful, too. You can usually find a sewing box in every house and here I was thrilled to find not one but three emeries in it! The pink one is made of pink and green velvet with pearl beads. The tiny tomato is so heavy for it's size - filled with emery and who knows what else.

I was so excited about the souvenir book from the Wisconsin Dells - we have spent our New Years there for the past several years. H. H. Bennett, a Civil War veteran, was a famous photographer credited with bringing tourists to the area. I have one print newly made from his negatives and a few postcards of his. I've been trying to buy a stereoptiscope card of one of his photos, but they always go higher than my budget. Well, I was thrilled to find this booklet filled with his photographs published in 1926, some years after his death.

Look what was in the wooden box that I bought:

It's filled with vintage rick rack, ribbons, lace and binding tape. I'm sure they will be appearing in some of my creations soon...

Saturday night was spent at my youngest son's 5th grade class party. They will be done with elementary school next month and heading to middle school. It was quite a party with over 125 fifth graders at a local community center for inline skating. The boys favorite part - a huge dodgeball game!
Did you know that today is Norwegian Constitution Day?
We had a parade in our town today to celebrate. My oldest son marched with his high school marching band. It was so much fun to watch families celebrating their culture. Beautiful hand knit sweaters were seen everywhere and it was cool enough to wear them. The booths were filled with lovely woolens and rosemaling.
Well, it's time for bed and the start of another busy week.
I hope your weekend was filled with treasures!
Blessings, Patti

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Denise said...

I love seeing your estate sale
treasures! The metal box looks
very much like a box my in-laws
used in their hardware store.
They called it their 'cash box'
and it was used to put extra cash
in and hide away until the next
day's business!