Friday, October 23, 2015

A Winner and a Few Fun Finds

Thank you so  much for your wonderful response to my giveaway! It was so much fun to hear what everyone is working on. Many are starting on Christmas already, but I am still working on Halloween projects :)

There were 54 entries in the giveaway. Using, the lucky number was #38 Terri of Rosy Stitches Blog! Congratulations Terri! I will package up your little pinch pocket this weekend.

I wish that I had one for each of you. 
I am planning more giveaways - one in November and one in December, so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought I would offer a little consolation prize of  20% off any purchase in my Etsy shop now through Friday, November 6. Simply use coupon code "FALL2015" when checking out. You can find my Etsy shop here. If you don't do Etsy, simply send me an email at

Recently my church had a rummage sale and I managed to find a few treasures. 
I wasn't sure if the pantry box was very old, but once I got it home I realized that square nails were used in its construction.

This sweet child's pewter cup called to me. I'm thinking that it might make a pretty make do pincushion.

My next find might be morbid to some.

It is a Victorian mourning ring. It is quite large - I assume for a man - and is braided with the hair of the dear departed. I imagine it could be his wife's hair? It's been treasured and kept for over a hundred years and I felt that someone should keep it that understands its significance. My husband and sons don't know that it is in our house (so don't tell them!). I'll just keep it tucked in my jewelry box and keep it safe for those who cherished it before me.

On the same day there were two estate sales in the same neighborhood as my church, so I thought I would take a peek.

There is something about antique button baby shoes that are just so sweet. Both pairs are well worn with spots where the leather is worn right through. The book on tinware was written in 1968. I would love to read it all the way through. It even includes information on specific tinsmiths, decorators and peddlers from different areas. It makes me want to collect more tin :)

At the final estate sale I found some amazing bargains!
This wonderful reproduction electrified lantern and pottery marked bbp. I tried to identify "bbp" and found both Bybee Pottery and Beaumont Brothers Pottery. Not sure which this is? Any ideas?

Well, on to another busy weekend! Don't forget my Etsy sale and watch for another giveaway next month!

"So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, 
for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up. 
So then, whenever we have an opportunity, 
let us work for the good of all, 
and especially for those of the family of faith."
~Galatians 6:9-10

Blessings, Patti


WoolenSails said...

Nice finds and interesting pieces. Our church had a yard sale but I donated things instead of buying anything;)


Marilyn said...

Congrats to Terri.
You found some great treasure.
The Baby shoes are awesome.
And the Lantern is priceless too.

Marilyn said...

Forgot to say....I've heard of lockets where they put the deceased's hair inside.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You always find the best treasures. I've seen the hair wreaths, but I've never heard of a mourning ring. What a cool find.
Congrats to your winner.
Hugs :)