Saturday, October 4, 2008


I just participated in my very first swap ever. The TDIPT artists had a secret swap. You are assigned another artist to make a hand-crafted item for and to put together a little gift box. This was a trick-or-treat swap with an autumn theme. It was so much fun. No one knew who anyone else had except for the organizer. I was a little nervous since I had never done this before, but it was a lot of fun.

I received my swap box from Carol Roll of Nostalgic Folk Art. Wow! I hit the jackpot! When I saw Carol's return address on the box, I started to hyperventilate! I've wanted one of her pieces for a long time and stroll through her website on a regular basis. Carol was so generous - and each and every item is so special. Did you see the antique wooden blocks that spell out my name and the wonderful antique tin?! You don't see the delicious dark chocolate candy that I ate before I could take a photo. When I saw the piece that she had made, I couldn't believe it. If I could have had my choice of any item on her website, this is the one that I would have chosen! And now she is all mine! (Carol even inscribed the piece to me on the bottom, making it even more special!) You must see a close-up of her sweet face: I'm so lucky that I didn't receive just one handmade, but two! Did you notice the great primitive ornament in the photo too? Be sure to see Carol's "Moonlight Outing" on TDIPT - isn't it something?!

My package was for Diane of Tallowberry Primitives.
I had so much fun putting her package together. Here's what it looked like when she opened the shipping box: And this is what was inside:

Wishing each of you a week filled with unexpected blessings, Patti

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Suzanne said...

You did hit the jackpot! Wow, what a fabulous swap!