Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A final Christmas 2017 post

Well, our oldest son is back from Japan and we finally celebrated Christmas. 
Since our Christmas celebrations weren't over, 
I kept stitching Christmas working on these Pineberry Lane designs...
I'd like to finish them as companion pieces, although I haven't quite figured it out exactly yet.

It has been so much fun hearing all about his trip and seeing all of his beautiful pictures.

He loved everything about Japan,
the food, the gardens, the shrines and temples
and the mutual respect that everyone shows one another. 

This is a castle that he visited in Osaka

And it is surrounded by a moat.

And a special New Year's treat that he said was absolutely delicious.

One thing he was mezmerized by was their love of KitKats!
They come in so many different flavors!

From all different fruit flavors to green tea to cheesecake.
His favorite is purple sweet potato! It's yummy!

And I just had to share a few special Christmas gifts from my boys:

Can't wait to read through these two great books!

And a butterfly puddler for our butterfly garden - can't wait for Spring!

And treasures from Japan! A wonderful neutral batik fabric - I think it would make a great "path" in an English Paper Piecing Project and/or a background for a wool applique project.

When he was in Kyoto, he found a shop on Google maps that said they sold needles, pins and pincushions. He was following the map, but almost gave up when it took him down a tiny alley. Once through the alley it opened into a tiny courtyard and a tiny shop where a father and son made needles.
He bought me this tiny pincushion!
And did you see the little green paper holder in the first picture?
Inside was this:

A straight pin with a teeny tiny long-haired dachshund just like my beloved Peanut!
Also pictured above was a brochure from the shop written in entirely Japanese with a few pictures.
Thanks for letting me share!

“All human life is like grass,
    and all its glory is like a flower in the grass.
The grass dries up and the flower drops off,
 but the word of the Lord lasts forever.”
~1 Peter 1:24

Blessings, Patti 


marly said...

I never heard of a butterfly puddler! Thanks for enlightening me. Love those Pineberry Lane designs.

kelly tadlock said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and your special gifts! Beautiful crosstitch too!

Lady Locust said...

Oh how wonderful. Beautiful gardens. Soooo, Merry Christmas 😊

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh my! Purple sweet potato KitKat??? I think I will!
It sounds like your son had the trip of a lifetime. Such thoughtful treasures for you.
Hugs 😊

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a beautiful post! My sister and her family were missionaries in Japan, and now my niece is working on her doctorate in Oriental art and visits there often. Loved seeing your Japanese gifts.

Marilyn said...

What great goodies you received!
The Butterfly Puddler sounds interesting, and who would've thought that Kit-Kats come in all those flavors!!
The pics of Japan are beautiful.
Sounds like you had a wonderful, belated Christmas.

Kurt Schindler said...

You have taught your sons well. And they sure know you. Lovely and thoughtful gifts. Pretty photos too.


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