Thursday, November 2, 2017

Osage 2017 ~ Part 6

I bet you thought that this trip would never end lol!
It's taken me a lot longer to post than the actual trip! 

But all too soon, the Bittersweet Sisters had to say goodbye and head home...

I had to make a few stops along the way to savor the scenery and take a few pictures.

While the leaves were just starting to change back then,
I am sure that they are in full glorious color now.

I also had to stop at a few antique shops along the way...

Isn't this graniteware amazing?!?!
I own a few pieces of the standard grey, white and blue,
but had no idea that there are other colors too!

This is a bad picture due to the glare, but the collection of butter stamps were too gorgeous not to share.

And the beautiful colors in this hooked rug perfectly depict springtime.

A few treasures that came home with me.

I only collect Gurley turkey candles, but this fella really caught my eye!
I just couldn't leave this dapper gent behind.

Some antique textiles.

Here is the inside of the hankie case shown in the picture above. It has seen better days, but I'm thinking of taking it gently apart and using it in some other manner.

A while back I declared that I was absolutely done collecting pyrography boxes, 
but this is the smallest one that I have ever seen and who can resist roses?

This old thread box really made me smile. Be sure to enlarge the picture so that you can read all the words. I think that it will make you smile too!

And this was my favorite purchase of the trip!
I love old painted tin, although I'm not sure how old this piece is...
I though it might make a nice little box for sewing supplies.
And it opens in a very interesting manner.

When I saw the eagles, shields and stars, I was smitten!
I wonder if it might have originally been for
cigarettes and matches?
playing cards and poker chips?
What do you think?

Well, this finally takes me to the end of my trip posts,
and my traditional trip giveaway.
Here it is:

This giveaway is open to everyone. Simply make a comment on this post, or send me an email at with a subject of "Osage giveaway".
And tell me, what do you think that my painted tin box was used for?
I will pick a winner on Sunday, November 12th.
Good luck!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.
Worship the Lord with gladness;
    come into his presence with singing.
~Psalm 100:1-2

Blessings, Patti


Lady Locust said...

Oh how fun. I love your treasures. I think your box is for your stash of emergency chocolates. It has 3 different compartments for a good reason. In one side goes the milk, the other side the dark, and the middle the mixed flavors. It's very important to keep your chocolate well organized. 😂😂😂. So glad you had a fun trip.

Barb said...

Love the box...probably used for matches???? But the chocolates idea us better. Drawing on my birthday...maybe I'll be lucky. Sounds like a great trip.

Marilyn said...

Great landscape pics.
You found some great treasures also.
I think, like you said, maybe for playing cards.
It's an awesome box, and love the way it opens.
I would love to enter your giveaway.

denise said...

love your jack candle! the tin box could have been some type of sewing kit/box.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I'm thinking playing cards, but will be looking forward to seeing the true answer!

Unknown said...
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Jonette T said...

I have enjoyed your beautiful pics and hearing about your trip. I think the box might have been used to store spices. It is beautiful!

Mary Margaret said...

Lovely, thanks for the chance.

Diane H said...

Thank you for sharing your trip, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Oh, how I wish I had the graniteware kettle from my childhood. Look at all those amazing colors. Hmmmm, the box looks like it would fit a couple decks of cardsc but it would be lovely for sewing items.

Glenda said...

I am not sure what it was originally used for but I believe Lady Locust has the right ideal. If i had found this box at my grandmothers it would have been filled with sewing items or pictures. Every tin container either had buttons or pictures. This is how we rolled before rubbermaid boxes. I hate that we have quit repurposing since plastic boxes have taken over.

WoolenSails said...

It looks like a beautiful place to go and love the fun treasures you found.


capecodgirl565 said...

I would have to guess that the beautiful tin box was used for sewing supplies. Incredible find! Looks like you had a lovely trip.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a fun trip!
Beautiful painted tin. My guess would also be for sewing supplies.
Hugs :)

sandi s said...

I think what you said makes sense. Cards and poker chips or dice for a game. It’s a beautiful box no matter what. I love all your finds. Hugs,

Kathy L. said...

I believe the box was for playing cards and chips. So cool. I loved following along on your trip. What wonderful memories with friends!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patti for taking us through the Osage trip! I love the painted tin box & I'm thinking it may have been for cigarettes/cigars & match sticks or maybe it's a tin for spices. I would use it for sewing necessities though & have on display!
Thank you for a chance at the generous of you!
mgw070 at rogers dot com

Kay Sciullo said...

You must have had so much fun! We could all vicariously travel along with you!
Thanks for the "trip"!

quilt101 said...

I love it when you go antiquing! It is so much fun to see what you see, and what you take home with you! You did good this trip for sure! I especially love that tin box, i can imagine it next to your favorite chair filled with your hand sewing needful things! Thanks for sharing, i always look forward to your show and tells.

Nancy said...

I think the box was used for Playing Cards. Ready to use case guest stop by. Nancy P.

Grace said...

What a fascinating guess would be cigarettes and matches....but I definitely like the idea that it was a sewing box....that is certainly what I would use it for....thanks for letting us live vicariously through you as you seeing the pictures!

primdollie said...

My what wonderful pics of your travels and treasures you found!! I love the tin box as well and think I would use it for sewing supplies but think it originally was used for playing cards and chips or some sort of games that were played back when!! Thanks so much for sharing I love reading your blog posts in my emails they always make me smile!! Hugs Linda

janice said...

What a wonderful little box. Surely it was used as a sewing box.

pcooper said...

Lovely treasures to remind you of your trip. I think it was a card box - with the center section used for a small pad and pencils to keep score. Some sort of game box anyway.

dq said...

i think it was for playing cards and poker chips!

linny said...

I enjoyed reading all about your trip. The photos have been an added bonus.
I think your tin box(which I love by the way) was probably used for cards or matches. I love the idea of it being used for sorting chocolates.

Stella L. Doyon said...

Love reading about your travels. As for what the box is for my guess it either a lunch box or sewing box.

Paula DiMattei said...

I think it was used for cigarettes and an ash tray. I like to think we live healthier...or try to these days so wouldn’t it make a great sewing kit? You always seem to manage to quote a bible verse that I needed to hear 💕

Linda Kappell said...

I so enjoy all of your postings (I get mine on email) and love the Bible verses. I share them with my Prayer Shawl Ministry sisters often. Your tin box is very intriguing! I think it was storage for smoking supples in Danny's of old. It is beautiful. Thank you for all of your shares.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Osage Giveaway ... The most beautiful pictures of the country side. Wished I could have been there.
I'd say it was used for 'Money'... maybe not? Just a guess.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful and interesting trips.

robbi buckles said...

I bet it was used for cigarettes and matches and set on a table by the fireplace flanked by two wing back chairs.

Anonymous said...

Because of the eagles & stars, I think it was used to hold cigarettes for an officer in the army.
Marilyn S.

Judy said...

Ooh, aah, that graniteware and those butter molds!