Monday, February 29, 2016

Pennies from Heaven ~ Volume 8

 Would you like to see Mom's latest creations?
My sister and I made a quick trip down for President's Day.

The penny rug above is a Mom original. 
No pattern, just a desire for a penny rug in shades of green.

So beautiful and subtle in monochromatic tones.
Do you see the hexagon design? A hint at what else Mom has been working on... 

As always, here stitches are absolutely perfect. Mom has a way with color!

 This is a Maggie Bonanomi design from one of her books.
I stitched this one as well, but in a different color palette.

Again, so lovely and subtle in the colors that she chooses.

Mom is also working on a block of the month by Heart to Hand.
 Even more beautiful in person.

 "Hollyhock" by The Wooly Lady
So beautiful in its simplicity.

Mom has started working in a new medium - English Paper Piecing.
She has a stack of flowers completed, but I thought I would share just a few of the colors/patterns that she is working with. Can't wait to see what this will become!
My sister also brought along her projects...

Pam's working on a knitting technique called color blocking.

So pretty! I love the color combination of gray and mint green. I'll have to remember that combo ;)

Pam was practicing the technique on smaller projects first and made my parents can cozies. So pretty! She also made me a bottle cozy. I'm such a bad sister that I forgot to take a photo! Grrr.
I'm so jealous that my sister always makes beautiful items that are useful, too! Mine just lay around...
Planning to head back down to my parents in just a few days, but I don't think that there will be anything new to share already :)
Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.
~1 John 3:18
Blessings, Patti


linda said...

I am in awe of the talent and artistry in your family! Such a wonderful environment to appreciate and encourage each other!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your family--Mom-Sister-You--are very accomplished needleworkers!

cucki said...

Wow so pretty x

thearttramp said...

Oh my!!!! Your mom is one amazing lady!!! So, as they say, the apple didn't fall far from the tree! What a glorious way to start the week. Thank you. Maybe she should make one of my patterns as a wool appliqué, :-).

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful as always!
Hugs :)

Kathy F said...

I sooooooo love the updates from Mom. As I shared, my Mon & needle mentor went to Heaven last June, so I read these vicariously with my Mom in mind. I miss her , of course, but rejoice in the heavenly promises fulfilled. Especially love the green monochromatic!!!

Prims By The Water said...

Some very talented ladies in your family. Lovely job to all! Janice

WoolenSails said...

Your mom's work is so beautiful and it seems your whole family is talented.
It is so nice that you all can share your love of crafting together.


Marilyn said...

Your Mom's work is beautiful, and her stitches ARE perfect!
Love your Sister's knitting too, so pretty.
And your work is amazing too. :)

Sophie said...

Knitting textures look so intelligent. It feels like students pattern in 40-50's at old university :)