Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Giveaway

Time for a giveaway!
I may be a little late, but you can enjoy these for the rest of the summer and have them early for the next 4th of July :)

Included in the giveaway are:
  •  A cross-stitched pillow (I think it is a Lizzie*Kate design) featuring four of my handmade buttons (that I used to make and sell.) 
  • A cross-stitched quilt
  • And a star pillow from an antique quilt top
As always this giveaway is open to everyone.
Simply leave a comment on this post or email me at with "4th of July" in the subject line. 
And tell me are you a fireworks fan?
I will pick a winner on Monday, July 7th.

(I just had to share this favorite picture from a few years back.)

Last night we attended our local fireworks and as always the finale thrilled me :)
To me there is nothing better to make it the 4th of July than fireworks, family and friends!

Wishing you a safe and spectacular 4th of July!
We are so blessed to live in this country ~ even with its imperfections,
as nothing is perfect, but God.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people he chose for his inheritance.
From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind;
from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth—
he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.
~Psalm 33: 12-15

Blessings, Patti


Ronda Tedder said...

Hi Patti,,,Happy 4th of July!..I love fireworks too .. another of those amazing beautiful moments. Enjoy!

Rita said...

Happy Independence Day!

I LOVE watching fireworks...and plan to watch them from some friends' backyard tonight.

Please enter me in your drawing for the pillows. Thank you!

ldepalatis at earthlink dot net

Lillian Carol said...

Happy 4th! Back in our early years we had a small woodworking business and one contract was building and repairing the finale' racks that were used at the end of the many firework shows all over the country. Our "racks" were used in the Washington DC bicentennial show....a very proud moment in time....needless to say, we love fireworks!

Simple Pleasure said...

Happy 4th of July to you, Patti!!! Oh, do I LOVE fireworks...have loved them since childhood...have fond memories of viewing with my parents...still makes me feel like a kid. As the saying goes, I MAY GROW OLD BUT I'LL NEVER GROW UP!!!!
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Kurt Schindler said...

I will be watching fireworks from our patio this evening after attending a BBQ.

Love your little pillows and your photo of the 3 flags is special - I need to recreate them.

Happy 4th!

Betsy said...

When we were in the military we were fire works fans but it was bittersweet at the same time since our husbands were usually deployed. Now that he's retired we can never find good fireworks

cucki said...

Happy day dear..
Enjoy xxx

Gayle said...

I love the large, community sponsored fireworks, but the kind the neighborhood kids set off till all hours of the morning drive me nuts! LOL

Joyce said...

happy 4th! When I was a kid we would go out to the beaches on Long Island and spend the day there. Now I have fond memories...

Cindi said...

Happy 4th! I love watching fireworks and am very blessed because they are right across the street from me so I can sit in my apartment ...air conditioned and no bugs and watch!

Love this giveaway!
Be blessed,

Barb said...

Happy 4th to you! Your posts are always an inspiration to me. We can see fireworks from all over around our house. And the cooler weather here has been nice.

Joanie said...

Happy 4th of July! I love fireworks!!! Will be going to the community show at dusk tonight. Never miss it!

Please enter me. Thanks! Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti: I definitely LOVE fireworks, I just wish they'd last about 30 minutes longer than they do!! Thanks for sharing and offering this giveaway! I love all the red, white and blue stitching!! Margaret K from Iowa
(My Google account never works!)

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July Patti
What a lovely giveaway please
enter my name Thank You for the
Oh I do love fireworks also. That boom that goes through your
body just gives me goose bumps.
It is good to be free!! I am so
Have a good evening
Darlene N

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

Happy 4th!!!!!! We or can I say, I never seem to stay awake :-) but this year hubby and I decided to go on a local get away we are staying at a cottage on Lake Erie, Geneva on the lake in Ohio....we are having such a fun relaxing we will be up and ready for the fireworks tonight!!!!!
Love your bowl fillers would love to be put in for them.....
Stay safe this weekend and enjoy!!!

Scrappy/Cindy said...

Happy 4th of July! Love the pincushions.

Marilyn said...

Happy 4th to you!
I love going to fireworks.
They also set some off in the subdivision across the street from us.
I would love to be entered in the draw.

Jonette said...

Happy 4th! Lovely prizes.

Kathy F said...

Yes yes I love fireworks!! It fascinates me how they can make those things do what they do!!! I also love that applique piece on your header!! Thanks for the give-a-way!!!!

Anonymous said...

A big fan of the beautiful fireworks here. Although sadly, my dog is so frightened with the noise and I feel so bad for him.
Happy 4th!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hope you had a Happy 4th. The 4th. isn't complete without fireworks and hotdogs. Would love to be entered in your giveaway.Love your
work. Lecia

Carrie P. said...

Sweet giveaway. I am a fan of fireworks even though I didn't get to see them this year.

terry a said...

what a beautiful give-a-way!!! I am not a huge fireworks fan, but this year we had our first block party and the fireworks that were contributed by neighbors made the 4th lovely!! The food was great and the company sweet!!!!

Thanks for thinking of us with your nice treat!!

terry a

Ahsan Afsar said...

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oldecrow said...

What a generous giveaway!! While I do enjoy watching fireworks once in a while, I am not as big a fan as my family! I enjoy watching the excitement in my grandsons face more. The little guy loves fireworks. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

Doris Rice said...

I love watching fireworks, hate just firecrackers and bottle rockets tho. thanks for the giveaway. They are too cute! dorisquiltingqueen at yahoo dot com

Glenda said...

Beautiful 4th of July pieces. I love fireworks, we don't always get to go watch them but I do love them!

Raymond Homestead said...

Hi Patti, I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Fireworks are pretty but I don't like how they scare sweet little animals.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Happy Independence Day Patti!
It was a fun filled day with lots of activities morning till night! We are blessed!
Thanks for sharing your works, they are all adorable!

MoonBeam said...

A cute little trio for your giveaway. You can never have too many patriotic smalls.

I luv fireworks, but not fighting the crowds. Some of my neighbors and I and just took our usual spot out front on the circle to watch my city's fireworks display from afar last night. Not the same as being up close and personal.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday weekend and that the east coasters are quick to recover from whatever Arthur might have brought.


linda said...

I love your header on this post! Cute little cabin. I like fireworks best on TV now. There are too many animals afraid of the real thing. Maybe it's my age but I enjoy the fireworks from the comfort and safety of my favorite chair.

Pat Salvatini said...

Happy 4th Patti! As always, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn Boutilier said...

Happy July 4th. Love spending the 4th watching fireworks with family and friends. we get to watch the fireworks from our deck here in the Shenandoah Valley.
Carolyn B

Deborah Tate said...

Yes, we love fireworks whether it's a community event or our own back yard! Thanks for the give-away and please enter me in the drawing!

Karen said...

Hope you had a great holiday Patti - we sure did with our kids. I love fireworks and we are lucky that there are so many around the lake we don't even have to leave home to enjoy them. Although the really close ones do scare one of the grandpups and he's the biggest one of the bunch lol. Love your gifties for the giveaway - please add my name to your bowl.
Hugs - Karen

Judy said...

Hi Patti...what a fabulous give away, I would love to be entered. I am a fireworks fan..and I think our small town has a lovely fireworks display.

Thanks, Judy Heartland stitcher

Anonymous said...

I just love the colors, the oohs and ahs. Ellen

BumbleBeeLane said...

I love fireworks but like them from a far.Not into the big crowds. Hope you had a wonderful 4th! Amy

MommyDearest said...

First time on your page...I found you from a link on Notforgtten Farms blog. Your blog is terrific! Stitching is helping me make it thru some HUGE changes in my life..preparing our house to be put on the market, husband asking for a divorce after 18 yrs of marriage..(never expected to be single at 62 yrs old!)and putting myself back out of retirement to find a full time job! Drama for sure!! LOL!!
Thank you so much for a chance to win your awesome give away!
Connie Adrian (

mckinney37397 said...

Hope I'm not too late-love fireworks we live on the river and they do a great display on the other side and we get a front row seat without leaving the house

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