Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little time with the blue & grey

Last year we attended a small local Civil War reenactment. We had such a good time that we decided to attend another larger reenactment this summer. Luckily this one was very close to home as well.

We attended with friends of ours and our 11 year old friend is quite the Civil War buff. It's a lot of fun to go with someone who knows the weapons and can explain so much to the rest of us.

The battle was wonderful! Very loud and smokey. Everytime the cannon was shot the entire ground shook. Several times a perfect round smoke ring would follow the cannon shot.

The Calvary was there as well. It was exciting to watch the horses in action. They didn't even flinch at the noise and action. They were so fast and so close that I couldn't get photos of them during the battle.

It was fun to see the period crafts and the entire families in period costume at their camps. They spend the weekend at the encampment and their tents and supplies are all to the period.

On the way back to our carriage (ie. minivan) we found this sweet little baby. We made sure that he hopped safely into the undergrowth before we left him alone.

I hope that you found something inspiring to do this weekend.

Blessings, Patti


Sherry said...

Oh, how much fun would that be! I love Civil War stuff so I would have been in heaven! Lucky you! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What fun, Patti! The pics were great - loved the one of the woman spinning - she looks so authentic. Thanks for rescuing that baby bird - her momma thanks you, too!

Celtic Shamrock said...

Patti,as a History lover, I am sure you had a lot of fun! And it is nice to see crafty women fro m the past! One of the things I love about embroidery is that even in the past there was someone doing this, in a castle or in a small country home. Here we have some medieval fairs, where there are groups recreating a medieval battle camp with weapons. We have the famous Matilde of Canossa, who was vice-queen of Italy in Middle Ages. And each year we celebrate the year 1111, when she got the crown of vice-queen of Italy from Henry V ( , sorry it is not in english..)each year famous actor and actress play the roles of Matilde and Henry, and the crowning is recreated! It is so nice to see! :)
Ok I stop, I could talk or write about history for hours, LOL!

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We live near Franklin, TN and that's where one of the bloodiest battles of the CW took place. Called the Battle of Franklin. There is a famous plantation there, Carnton Plant., and that home was made into a hospital for the Conf. soldiers. Every year a the Battle of Franklin is reinacted b/c that battle, although the bloodiest, was the shortest battle fought during the CW. It lasted only 6 hours.

Thanks for sharing the photos. I love them.

FYI - I received my tomato pincushion and strawberry emery. I posted about on my blog. I love it, Patti, and the presentation was simply delightful. Thanks so much for such fast service. LOL

Cookie said...

Phenomenal! We have re-enactments here in Lexington, Mo as well and I remember so clearly being taken by my dad each year. My brothers and I would get calvary hats and get to be soldiers of the confederate army for months afterwards. Dang... I wish I had that hat now!

Love the pics, Patti. sorry for the delay in posting about the giveaway too, but I finally got it up after coming home from vakay. thank you again, I adore your lovely work!