Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My dear friend, Claralie, sent me an email. She had a bit of fabric that she thought I might like and she was going to send it to me. I assumed a small envelope would come and must admit that I forgot about it in the business of life. A few days later, my husband asked what I had ordered as a big box had been delivered. I didn't remember ordering anything as I have tried to be good lately. I looked at the return address and saw that it was from my friend, Claralie! This was not a small envelope, but a treasure chest of unknown delights! I promptly tore into the box and found....

All these lovely treasures! My heart was pounding as I pulled out delight after delight!
Yardage of a great small cotton print that I will put to good use.
Incredible vintage rayon that I haven't seen before - a cross between a velvet and a really short mohair (that I discovered is a real dream to work with...) in an entire rainbow of colors!!!! Each color that I pulled out was even better than the last! I was so inspired - ideas for creating, swirling around in my head! Skein after skein of a wonderful French vintage cotton thread as thick as a perle cotton, but with a great matt texture. And some neat tube beads that I envision in trimming a little pinkeep.
I had so many chores to do around the house, but all I could think about was creating something from this treasure chest of jewels. Soon I gave in and started cutting and sewing and soon I had a little something to send back to Claralie as a thank you...

I loved working with the vintage rayon and vintage cotton thread. This little token can't possbily thank Claralie for being so thoughtful and generous in sharing her treasures with me! Unexpected surprises are always wonderful - and this treasure chest is the best!

I was at Michael's this past weekend and found these great black safety pins and black head applique pins so I had to make myself a vintage tomato and strawberry pincushion as well. I stuck in a few vintage corsage pins to finish it off.
These fabrics keep calling to me. Ideas and patterns keep popping in mind. I pulled out Maggie Bonanomi's "With These Hands" and created this...
There is a part of me that thinks that these fabrics and threads are so precious that I shouldn't use them, but only display and admire them. But then my mind comes up with an idea and my fingers just itch to play. I think that the answer is to create slowly and save some of the fabrics and threads to treasure.
~*Thank you Claralie from the bottom of my heart!!!!*~

This weekend is the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. My sister-in-law, Joy and I will be attending. This show is absolutely mammoth. Aisle after aisle after aisle of vendors from across the country. And hundreds of quilts from all over the world. I'll share it all with you as soon as I get a chance!

Blessings, Patti


SweetAnnee said...

Oh my gosh.. what a surprise..I bet you just love it!!


SweetAnnee said...

I adore the things you made also!!

Lisa Johnson said...

I have to say I salivated a little at the picture of the treasures from you box. WOW! I also find your felt egg inspiring. I hope that was your goal - it worked. Lisa