Saturday, April 18, 2009

International Quilt Festival

My sister-in-law, Joy and I attended the International Quilt Festival this weekend. It's one of our favorite outings of the year. There are 500+ vendors from all over the country and 1,000+ quilts on display from all over the world! Oh my! We tried to see every booth and every quilt - and I think we did a pretty good job. Of course, with all the hyperventillating in all the wonderful booths I forgot to take any photos until the very end. Maybe I'll do better next year.
Many of my favorite shops were represented including Country Sampler, Country Threads, and Primitive Gatherings and some of my favorite designers like Lori Smith.

We had to go back to the Primitive Gatherings booth for just one last thing, so I took a quick picture. I wish that I could have bought one of everything! And their wools are just sumptious!

The booth was quite crowded, but worth the wait!
I tried to take photos to give you an idea how huge the vendor area was...

This was just one aisle of many...

The quilts on display were just incredible! I wish that I had taken notes of the titles and quilters names and locations...

It's amazing to think of all the hours spent on all these inspiring works of art.

Country Living magazine had a special exhibit of 30 quilts to celebrate their 30th anniversary. I was so happy to see the quilt above in person as it was shown in their magazine and on the cover of the festival program. It is called "Pennies from Heaven" by Gretchen E. Gibbons and Lisa Calle. I just love the wool applique!

I just love this schoolhouse quilt - it was created to honor the underground railroad.

Each house has an oil lamp lit in the window and the name of someone who assisted the underground railroad on each door.

I have to say that I am partial to traditional quilts, but there were a few more unconventional quilts that appealed to me as well...

Who can resist this sweet face?! It looks like a photo - isn't it amazing that it is a quilt?

The colors on this quilt were so vibrant.

Isn't the workmanship on this quilt incredible?!

I loved this entry from Poland.

I have to say that I was pretty good with my purchases and came in under budget. That being said, I have quite a list and plan on doing some internet ordering soon from my favorite shops to spread the purchases out :)

I was deighted to buy "Autumn Gatherings" directly from Lisa Bongean and Carole Charles and they were kind enough to sign my book. (Some of the kits from this book are at the top of my list for purchasing!) I bought "Fit to Frame: Set Ten" from Lori Smith and we talked about how I plan to do these in wool applique.

Jodi Barrows of Square in a Square has a line of fabrics out called "Celebrating Abe" (shown on the left) - how could I resist?!

My favorite purchases of the day:

The old tomato and strawberry pincushion is made of velvet and stuffed with sawdust and emery - I've been acquiring a bit of a collection lately...
The quilt top is made of wonderful shirtings and is about the size aof a twin bed. Can you believe I actually debated about it... eventhough the price was $12?! What was I thinking?! Phew - thank goodness I bought it, or I'd be regretting it today!

I have to admit I've been spending a bit too much time just looking at all the lovely fabrics it includes...

I hope that your weekend is inspiring and fun!
Blessings, Patti

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