Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Are you a Downton Abbey fan?

I am!
And the thought that this wonderful series is truly over, still has me a bit stunned.
Thank goodness for DVD's!

I recently was blessed to spend a lunch hour fully immersed back in my beloved Downton Abbey!

The Driehaus Museum is housed in the Nickerson Mansion built in 1879.
Lucky for me this museum is just a short stroll from my office.
Last month the museum was host to a fabulous exhibit, "Dressing Downton"!

This mansion was the perfect setting for all of the fabulous costumes that I have come to love.

From Lady Sybil's maternity outfit on the right

to Lady Rose's outfit when she met the dashing, Jack Ross.
 How wonderful to see all the detail up close and in person!

The backdrop of the mansion was equally stunning.
The tile work in this room was unlike anything I have seen before.

Doesn't it seem like the characters of Downton will walk down this staircase at any second?

The downstairs staff were also represented with Barrow's livery and Mrs. Hughes' outfit.

I was coveting the keys and that belt buckle.
Such attention to detail!

The styles and clothes take your breath away!
(Lady Mary's riding habit when she first meets Matthew Crawley.)

The Dowager Countess' wit rang in my ears as I looked at the clothes that she actually wore.

I love when they include a photo of the outfits in action in the series.
This showing The Earl and Cora attending the Downton Village Flower Show. 
(The frogging on Cora's coat is stunning!)

Such memories they bring back.
(The Earl and Cora attending the hospital's charity concert. Cora's dress made from a rare piece of antique beaded fabric with a stunning velvet coat.)
I can imagine that this mansion has seen similar fetes in its day...

How very thin they are!
(Lady Mary's outfit when Sir Richard visits Downton.)

I don't know which I loved more - the dress with its incredible beadwork or the stained glass and parquet of the setting...

Stories were included with each outfit - some antique, some of antique fabrics and some newly created.

This gown was created from the beautiful edging of an antique 1920's table cloth!

I don't really recollect this scene, but...

The silk cannelle embroidery on this jacket is absolutely stunning on person!

as I looked at these three coats, I thought of the three sisters and where their lives led...

Each one uniquely theirs...

Maybe I should restart viewing the series from the very beginning,
watching for the scenes of these outfits and the incredible attention to period details.

I wouldn't mind going for a bike ride in this practical, yet pretty outfit.

If I squint just a bit, I can see and hear the Dowager Countess and Martha Levinson exchanging their mildly veiled barbs.

All too soon, my lunch hour was over and it was time to head back to the real world.

I guess that this is the closest that I will get to reliving Downton Abbey, 
unless I get to Highclere Castle one day...

If you live near Cincinnati, South Bend, Anaheim, Nashville or St. Augustine, 
you still have a chance to view this incredible exhibit! It is currently on the move...

Thank you for letting me share my long winded lunch time adventure. 
Since you made it to the end, I have a tiny giveaway for a little Downton Abbey tea sampler purchased at the exhibit gift shop. 
Simply leave a comment with your favorite Downton character or send me an email to pgagliardi9@hotmail.com and I will pick a winner on Tuesday, June 14th.

"For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being"
~Ephesians 3:14-16

Blessings, Patti


Kurt Schindler said...

Both of my sisters, who live in IL, went to see the exhibit. They spoke highly of it too. I was feeling rather left out, now that I live in CA, but you gave me hope listing Anaheim as a future site for the exhibit.

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and the information.


carol fun said...

Thanks for the great pictures... I live in Cincinnati and can't wait for the exhibit to be here... I may visit more than once!

Debra G said...

What a wonderful exhibit! It's hard to pick one favorite character, but it's probably the dowager duchess. Her lines are just the best.

sandi s said...

I'm like you, I loved watching the show and the clothes and beautiful house. I'm going to miss getting to watch it anymore. Hugs,

Shelly said...

I love Downton and I'm looking forward to the Anaheim stop since it's the closest to Arizona! I've already bribed my daughter into coming with me! Favorite character, hmm. I liked Cousin Isabel a lot. I liked her comebacks to the Dowager.

Isadarena said...

Although I'm not an english woman, I love Downton abbey serie and it is vert interesting to see such great display un this museum : Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for showing the pics, the outfits are amazing.

acorn hollow said...

I wish it were coming closer to my area I would love to see those pieces.
How wonderful you got to see it! Husband and I was just talking about watching the series from the start allover again this summer.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing.

I have been watching Mr. Selfridge on Amazon Prime. The clothes are as elegant as Downtown's, and the story line is fabulous. I recommend it, and I hope you'll give it a try.

Nancy Pleimann said...

I'm going to miss it too. Thank You for sharing those pictures from the museum. Your city has wonderful museums. Nancy P.

Simple Pleasure said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been there with you... I was enchanted with Anna...her grace, spirit, fortitude, loving nature...
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Lee Anne said...

I loved Cora....her character exemplified kindness not only to family and friends but to those who were in service to them as well. Loved the entire series!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

What a treat, I'm so glad you went and shared!! I will check on the Anaheim dates, its okay to dream! I loved the show and will miss it!! That must have been a top five lunch break!

kelley said...

Just today I started watching my first episode...lucky you seeing all the clothing in person...nothing like the attention to detail that goes with handmade...

saltandpepper said...

I saw this exhibit in Oshkosh, WI, last Fall at the beautiful Paine Mansion. It was wonderful! I even went with a broken arm but was determined to see it. My favorite outfit was the purple dress and hat with the grapes on it, that the Dowager Countess wore. Was so surprised that it was there. I also liked the bicycle-riding outfit. So nice that you got to see it. And for all the Downton fans, they are talking about making a movie in the near future. ~Christine

Mary A said...

My favorite character was Mrs. Hughes! She was so kind and not a push over. She knew her mind but could hold her tongue.

pj said...

Thanks for sharing this adventure! I love the show and wish I could have joined you at the museum! What a great display! Yes, am thankful for the DVDs! Great to watch over and over as I always see something new! Aren't those dresses amazing...and yes, some look so gorgeous on these thin women! So glad you took the time to take such beautiful pictures to share!

Miss you...Pam

Lillian Carol said...

Thanks for sharing another adventure. I really miss Downton....thank goodness for DVDs! It's so hard to pick just one character since they were all so fascinating but Tom Branson was a favorite and also cousin Isobel.

Barb said...

Mrs Hughes has to be my favorite. Thanks for sharing the exhibit..going to Nashville to see next year. Can't wait