Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Sunny Summer Solstice & A Winner

Happy Summer Solstice!
It is hard to believe that summer is here and today is the longest day of the year...
Although with so many days in the 90's already here in Chicago, I do wonder how hot July and August will be...

Thank you so much to the 49 comments and emails I received for my Strawberry giveaway. I wish that I had time to respond to you all! I apologize for the delay in picking a winner. We had the double graduation bash on Saturday, which rolled into Fathers Day on Sunday, a 13 hour work day on Monday and exhaustion on Tuesday LOL! Using the random number generator at, it selected #23 - Donna at Dirty Martini Queen's Musings. Donna, I sent you an email to provide your mailing address.  Congratulations!

I really appreciate all the wonderful patriotic words and phrases that you shared. The idea was to inspire me to get started on patriotic projects. And it did, until I saw this:

"The Strawberry Collection"
by Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery
(photo shown with permission.)

You can find it in her Etsy shop here.
Oh my goodness gracious! I had to order it the moment I saw it!
Luckily Beth is a very quick shipper and I had it before I knew it.

I don't have a LNS anymore, so I usually stick to DMC as I know I have those colors on hand. But her photo was so pretty and used all handdyeds, so I pulled out the GAST and WW that I had on hand. I only had two of the colors that were called for, so I choose colors that I thought looked similar based on the photo.
I have an idea to make several sewing needfuls or smalls from parts of the patterns and I have already started stitching :)

Thinking about strawberries again, I also came up with an idea for a small wool applique project (which is shown in the first photo.) I hope to keep my fingers busy this upcoming weekend and hope to have a few finishes soon.

Then I promise to be inspired by those patriotic words and start working on some Americana projects! I need to come up with a patriotic creation for my July giveaway :)

Blessings, Patti


marly said...

Congratulations to Donna. Those strawberries are amazing and I like the cross stitch designs too.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations to lucky Donna!! And, oh, Patti - you have me yearning for strawberries! I'm loving what I'm seeing! Thanks so much for another wonderful giveaway!! Smiles & Summer Hugs ~ Robin

paulette said...

Hi Patti!
LOve the berries!! Did you cut the leaves out using pinking shears?? What is the name of the pattern!! Just adorable!!

annie said...

Congrats Donna!
Love the beautiful pattern!

MoonBeam said...

Your wool berries are awesome..I want some! Beth's sampler is really nice, too. It's hard to ignore strawberries at this time of year, and I'm not talking about the ones in the produce section!

Congrats to your winner.

Happy Summer Soltice, All.


Dirty Martini Queen said...

Patti, I'm just so thrilled that I won your amazing giveaway. I love the new pattern design and used the link to her itsy immediately. I just love all her designs so once again going in debt collecting new designers. Hubby will be so excited.

Kay said...

I love the look of the strawberry pattern. Also find your feltwork adorable.

cambric cotton said...

Love the berries, from Melbourne, Australia we have just had winter solstice today. It is wet and cold, only longer days to look forward to.

Raymond Homestead said...

Congratulations Donna!

moosecraft said...

Congrats to Donna! Your stitching habits are so similar to mine... I just finished a flag cross stitch and was supposed to continue with my quilt... then I spied a pumpkin cross stitch (i had started months ago) and decided to work on finishing that one up! There are simply so many great projects to be stitched it's so hard to choose! :-)