Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worth the wait?? Giveaway

"Old Heart Pin Keep"
Design by Maggie Bonanomi
"Buttonwood Farm" Book
When I saw that I had hit 200 followers, I was so surprised that I wanted to have a special giveaway. My thought was to have the drawing on Valentine's Day. But as usual, time got away from me and I am just getting to it now. I've created this heart pin keep with all vintage/antique materials - my absolute favorite piece of ticking, old wool blankets and quilt batting and vintage seam tape. I hope that you find it worth the wait...
Speaking of "worth the wait", now is the time of year when I am anxious for spring to arrive. I'm always waiting for those first early signs of spring.
My favorite sign of spring?
1. When the first bouquet of daffodils arrives at the florist. I just have to buy it and continue buying them whenever I see them as they are my favorite springtime flower and I know that their season is short.
2. The arrival of the first robin. At my house we are all on the lookout, and when we see the first one, I pull out a little pillow that I made that says "first robin of spring" and display it for the rest of the season. (Once that robin arrives, I'll share a photo of the pillow.)
So to enter this giveaway, tell me:
What is your favorite sign of spring that is absolutely worth the wait :)
Either comment on this post or send an email to me at with "Worth the Wait" in the subject line.
I will draw the winner with a random number generator on Monday, February 20th - Presidents' Day.
Thank you so much for joining me on this blogging journey.
It truly has been a blessing to meet so many wonderful kindred spirits!
Blessings, Patti


Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

My favorite sign of spring is the daffodils that bloom ~ although they have already bloomed here in Georgia and I'm afraid we've still got a few more weeks of winter coming! Love the heart ~ Maggie Bonanomi is my favorite!

annie said...

That is such a lovely thing to give away! The colors look like springtime. Like you, spring is the daffodils poping open, but the very first for me, is the smell coming in a late winter's rain. It's entirely different than the smell of winter. There may be snow on the ground, but the sky sighs in springs' breath!

Gayle said...

I finally planted some crocus bulbs a couple years ago, and they bloom MUCH sooner than my daffodils - so that's what gets me excited for spring.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Hi Patti ~ what a beautiful giveaway...we're blessed by your creative hands!!!

My favorite sign of spring has me watching the skies for the lengthening of the days...there's nothing like waking up to early, bright sunshine and having a couple extra minutes of beautiful twilight for an after supper walk...of course, the new spotted fawns scampering in our fields fill our hearts too!!!

wishing YOU a beautiful SPRING Patti!
~ Lori from Notforgotten Farm

bayrayschild said...

Hi Patti!
That sure is a beautiful Spring heart you've made for your give-away.
You are so good at what you do!

My favorite signs of Spring would be all the buds sprouting around me.


nancy huggins said...

My favorite sign of spring is when the sun is shining and I can hear the Birds chirping and can also notice a different attitude in my Dogs...They want to stay out longer. I look forward to going for a ride and looking for any kind of flowers coming up everywhere. And Love the Days getting Longer and to be able to have my Garage sale :)
Love the Heart..what a great give away

Mugwump Woolies said...

Seeing robins in the yard is my favorite sign of Spring. I was born in March, so my mother called me her Spring Robin. Last year I was so sad because I had not seen any robins, and then one...just one...appeared on the roof of the garage...on my birthday!
Love anything of Maggie B.'s.

Carol Stuck said...

Michigan is sooo dreary in the winter. As spring approaches the days get longer, a little warmer and the sun begins to shine on us a little more. Makes me a happy camper, for sure.

Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway. The heart is just beautiful!!!


Lynn said...

Hi Patti
I love the heart you have made. Its so pretty.

My favorite sign of spring may sound strange but I love to smell the ground thaw and watch the water run down the road. There is always lots of sand and pebbles that don't allow the water to run directly down the road. I love that smell. I also love seeing the buds on the trees turn to "green and more green".

Thanks Patti, Lynn

Shirlee said...

My favorite sign of spring would the the spring bulbs beginning to bloom! My mother had a huge garden when I was growing up but for some reason she never planted spring bulbs. They make everything look so cheery! Blessings, Shirlee

Friendship Crossing said...

When I see tulips pop up, I know it's worth the wait!!

Your heart is darling! You did such a nice job on it!!

Thanks so much!


MoonBeam said...

I love seeing the first crocuses in bloom...usually the dark purple ones and the gold colored ones. I most often have to announce the first robin sighting, though, and can hardly wait to see your pillow.

P.S. Love your version of Maggie's heart. Some pretty special materials used.


Mary A said...

My favorite sign of spring is when our azaleas, daffodils, and hyacinths bloom. I also think spring when the hydrangeas break dormancy. The heart doorhanger is beautiful. Mary A.

Phyllis said...

Just seeing all the bluebirds that flock to our backyard inspecting the nest boxes. I also love to see the daffodils and hyacinths popping out of the ground...a sure sign that spring is near.
I love the heart!

Anonymous said...

Since we moved to So. CA from the Midwest, our spring is much earlier and different too. I love the daffodils and the trees that blossom, which we do have here.

Beautiful give away!

Charlotte S.

mariebeers said...

The daffodils, mine are about 2 weeks away from blooming. Every year I plant more so I can have a vase full thoughout the season.

The heart is precious, would love to be the winner.

Beckyjean said...

My favorite sign of spring is when I begin to see all the flowers in my garden beginning to pop through the ground. I know then that it won't be long.

Your little heart is beautiful.

Have a wonderful evening~Becky

Cathy said...

It's simply beautiful! I love the soft colors and the scalloped heart.

My favorite sign of spring is when the snow melts and little sprigs of green grass start appearing along with the very first color of spring--yellow, that we see in the daffodils and hyacinths. It's like there's a new color every week in the beginning part of spring. Not much longer til we get there!

Cathy ♥

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....SOOOO definitely worth the wait!! Your heart is absolutely precious!! Congratulations on the 200+ followers!! YIPPEE!!! favorite sign of spring?? I would like to say my birthday (I was born on the first day of spring, so my daddy decided to overrule my mum's choice of names and call me Robin....but, here in Nod, the arrival of spring doesn't follow the calendar.) I have to say it's the smell of new breath in a gentle spring and fresh and different than a sultry summer rain or an overripe fall rain laden with chill....Roibn

Orange Sink said...

Your heart is wonderful ( and your give-away too!)
In northern WI the sound of running water is a sure sign of Spring! It's been dripping from the roof tops..... a little unusual for this time of year but it's ssssooooo welcome!!
Thank-you for your generous and lovely give-away!
Cathy G

moosecraft said...

The heart pillow is absolutely gorgeous!!! While always on the lookout for the first Robin (even the "laughter" of one)... since I've moved to this house some 15 years ago, there has always been ONE snowdrop that spouts and blooms between two ugly hedges in the front of the house. So sweet, and yet so strongly determined to keep bring Spring here! :-)

BumbleBeeLane said...

Pretty Heart! Yes worth the love daffodils but Tulips are a favorite, all the pretty colors.The earthy clean scent in the air of new life.There is always renewed hope of new beginings.If I'm perfectly honest though my favorite sign of spring is that first Yardsale.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Farmhouse prims said...

My favorite sign of spring is the green grass and the little lambs and baby calves running around and playing in the fields. The flowers popping through the ground is wonderful too. What an aswesome giveaway, Love the heart, please enter me in your giveaway. Hugs, Lecia

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

What a beautiful heart! My favorite sign of spring is a little blue flower called scilla. When planted in a mass, they create a stunning blue carpet. The birds are getting louder up this way right now...I can feel spring coming!
Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

linny said...

Beautiful Heart. Thanks for the chance to win it.
My favourite sign of spring is all the buds emerging on the trees & plants & also the arrival of all the animal babies.

Katrina said...

What a fun giveaway!!!! I live in Colorado so we kind of skip Spring and go straight to summer. I love when all the local shops start putting out the annuals. I can't wait for Mother's Day, I wait to plant anything until after then, and I can put out geraniums :-).

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Oh, I would have to say the forsythia bush showing their bright yellow blooms !

And then there is the dogwood tree .. oh, how I miss Georgia in the spring time.. the daffodils come up in February !!!

Love your heart pillow ! It would look so nice in my *new* revamped bedroom.. once I get it painted, that is.


Nancy Daniels said...

Has to be Daffodils...Love to see a field of beautiful yellowness blowing in the soft breeze!

jonette said...

Since my daffodils started blooming here in VA this year at the end of January, my sign I am anxiously awaiting now is for the dogwoods to bloom. The heart is beautiful and I would love to win it! I enjoy your blog.

Nancy said...

Such a beautiful heart! Like you my favorite sign of spring is the daffodils starting to grow and also how the sun's angle changes and is so warming in the afternoons!

Linda said...

My favorite sign of spring is the songbird chorus that greets me when I head out the door early in the morning. Next favorite is my first hummingbird but that happens around the end of March...almost the first sign of summer here!

Monique said...

My favorite sign of spring are lilacs. Daffodils may bloom here as early as February and it's not spring yet, but the earliest lilacs bloom is in April. By then, I know spring truly has arrived!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Seeing the Forsythia bushes bloom is something I always look forward to in the Spring. Around here, they are the first thing to really pop and I just love 'em! And robins... we also love spotting their return!

Your heart is wonderful!

Jean Bee said...

L O V E this heart!! My favorite sign of spring is when the (dirty) snow is melted and the fresh green below starts to show.

Heartsdesire said...

I live around the corner from a farm that supplies daffodils around the world, so I'm always watching those fields for the daffodils. Right now, they are almost blooming and ready to be pick. Snowdrops are another good sign of spring, and there are plenty of them blooming right now. Thanks for a lovely giveaway. Your heart is a great reminder of spring.

Jennie Lynn @ Appleseed Prim said...

My favorite sign of Spring? Jellybeans. Silly I know since they do sell them year round but for me they are solely the providence of Springtime and Easter Baskets and buying my first bag of the season is for me the ultimate sign of Spring :)

Raymond Homestead said...

My favorite sign of spring is when you see the spring flowers popping up out of the ground. Congratulations on your 200 followers! I sure love your wonderful give away!!

Ronnie said...

I love Maggie Bonanomi patterns, your heart is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I like the snow melting and things drying out. The different shades of green on the trees as they get their new leaves and the swelling of the buds. The yellow of the daffodils are lovely too. Happy Spring to you!

Allenz said...

In the desert the first signs of Spring that I can't wait to see are the wild flowers. If we have had some rain in Decemebr the desert floor becomes a sea of color. Purples, oranges and yellow wildflowers. It is truly marvelous.

I absolutely love your Maggie Bonanomi heart. Its perfect for Spring.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

My favorite sign of spring is seeing the first robin.
And then the tulips!
Your giveaway is gorgeous, thank you for thinking of us.

brochure holders said...

Designer hearts look so fabulous.This heart colors are red than this heart look so beautiful.

pj said...

My favorite sign of spring is Daffodils also but I love the robins. We watch birds all year long in our feeder and have a few robin nests close by. Lovely work and we all know you love Maggie's designs. Thanks for the giveaway and I would love to win! Blessings to you also Patti. pam in iowa

sue said...

My favorite sign of spring is the smell of spring rain. Although sometimes it can be a bit forceful with all the wind, that smell is so fresh and full of promise. Those gallant flowers pushing to be the first to bloom is a precious site as well.

Kathy L. said...

My favorite sign of spring is the birds singing in the early morning. I start work early so when the sun can wake me up and I hear the birds I feel energized. Living in Wisconsin spring takes a while to get here (some say we don't have a spring) Love the beautiful heart you have made.


Christine said...

Your giveaway heart is just beauiful! I'd be honored to win it if you'd be so good as to include me, please!
The first sign of spring I think is worth the wait is to watch for the tender buds start to unfurl in the trees and hedgerows.
Thanks so much

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Love your Buttonwood heart! I won your last giveaway (thank you so much!) so don't put my name in this giveaway, but I love to hear the spring peepers. I think that's one of the earliest signs around here. We usually have robins that hang around throughout the winter so they can't be depended on--LOL! ~Roberta

Sue in MI said...

My favorite sign is spring is just seeing everything come back to daffodils, crocuses, tulips.
Love your give-away.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from Michigan. the first sign of Spring is the very lovely Robin. Spring is my most favorite time of year and another first sign is the lovely crocus popping the wee heads up. Hugs Judy

Joy said...

I love to see the pussy willows just beginning to bud...favorite spring. Love your certainly do Maggie's patterns well!

penelope said...

Such a fabulous giveaway! My favorite thing for spring is the pussy willow branches, robins , tulips and everything coming to life once again. A renewal of sorts for the soul....and things to follow.

Nancy Knight said...

Here in Texas most winters the Robins never leave! When the Red Bud trees start blooming spring is around the corner. Our winter is much like your spring! You are so generous with all your give aways!I've been meaning to make this heart - I love your version with the blue ticking!

ummu nada said...

love your giveaway.. and congratulation! i'm sorry i can't tell you what sign of spring i love cos i live in tropical country so we don't have spring here..
but from what i read i'll be amazed to watch the flower buds start to bloom

mckinney37397 said...

Great giveaway also love your new header-my daffodils are already blooming but I have other small buls that bloom first-but winter is not over yet, but when they start blooming spring is not far behind and I can hardly wait.

saltandpepper said...

We wait for the robins to come back for our first signs of Spring. I also love the crocus that first appear here.Can't wait!
The heart looks wonderful. Love the ticking fabric!.

Mandy Currie said...

Hello Patti,
I love your pincushion, I've only just discovered your blog and immediately signed up to follow by email. What fun you have, I'm also a hand stitcher. Daffs are good but my neighbours lawn is dotted with the most beautiful crocus. As I'm disabled and find it hard to get about, to look out my window and see her little garden is a real pleasure. Happy stitching.
Kind regards
Mandy Currie