Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boxwood&Berries ~ Final Day

All too soon, Boxwood & Berries 2011 was coming to an end...
Here are some of our creations drying in the sun after aging them.
Here is our group from Session 2. Unfortunately Sue had left before we had a chance to take our group photo :(
This is our wonderful group that stayed together at the Second Story - oh what a fun time we had! Me, Carla, Wendy, Linda, Nicki, and Kim.
And this is who I sat with each day as we created all of our treasures. Me, Rhonda, and my dear friend Kim. It was such a pleasure to meet Rhonda. She writes the monthly article "Small Town Stories from the Indiana Prairie" for Mercantile Gatherings magazine. The article is always the first thing I read when the magazine arrives and it always makes me smile. I find it interesting that although I grew up in Chicago instead of a small town, I can still relate so much to her stories! And she has a wonderful blog you can visit here.
What an incredible retreat it was with so many lovely memories created!
I haven't gotten any further on my Maggie Bonanomi bedcover:
Oops! Here's my little helper :)
Let's try it again:
But I was thrilled to complete my entire Stacy Nash basket & needfuls:
And here is my purchase from The Wood Shed that I forgot to share earlier:
Don't you just love how the entire corner is worn away?
And I was so blessed to receive some incredible treasures for souvenirs.
On the right is a sweet pincushion made by Carla. Can you believe that she made one for each and every person in the second session! Thank you so much Carla for your sweet generosity and thoughtfulness! And on the left is a shocking surprise! Nancy Knight from the first session made these sweet tags and pockets for the first session. She follows my blog and left me a sweet surprise in my basket! I was so overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness! Nancy, if you read this, please send me an email at I would so like to thank you ever so much personally off line!
Thank you so much for letting me share and relive those four precious days. Sharing and thinking about it brings all those lovely feelings back again and again! Heartfelt thanks to Maggie, Stacy, and especially to Jeanne and her staff at Country Sampler for making our crafting dreams come true!
Stay tuned... we will be updating TDIPT Mercantile late on Halloween night.
And I'll be having another giveaway here on my blog the first week of November...
Blessings, Patti


marly said...

What fantastic projects! Your Nash items are perfectly stitched and finished. Thanks for letting us peek into that coveted gathering.

annie said...

Wow, that Nash project is just amazing, I love it as a set! Amazing Maggie creation as well, am sure your little helper will see it gets finished. Thanks for sharing all the photos!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! So loving your SN needfuls basket!!! So, so, sweet!! But have never come upon one her designs I haven't loved. And your bed cover is looking awesome! It would take me forever to accomplish half that much. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful., wonderful, time and bonded with some pretty amazing and talented people. Thank you for sharing your little escape with us! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Bertie said...

A gorgeous project by SN!! I am drooling over it all:) I have heard a lot about the Country Sampler, it must be fabulous to take classes there, great to see it all and thank you:))

Linda said...

Thank you so much for sharing...I've loved every one of your pictures.

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

You are the best advertisement for Boxwood and Berries. I love all your projects. And what wonderful people you met. I'm sure your beautiful projects will always remind you of this special time. Sweet little helper. Funny how they always manage to be right there when "mom" gets out the camera. ~Roberta

Raymond Homestead said...

Thank you Patti for sharing your time at the Country Sampler! It would be so much fun! Loved all the projects! Cute picture with your sweet little helper!!

Jean said...

You did a great job on your projects! So wish I could have gone to the gatherning - hope Stacy puts that "box" out in a pattern - love it!! Of corse, the wings are fab and the wool coverlet is beyond wonderful!!
Thanks for sharing all the pictures!!

Are you going to the Christmas Open House at SG? I'll be there on Friday.

Karen said...

The Stacy Nash collection of items that you stitched is wonderful! It has a vintage look.

Berit said...

Wonderful! I have often heard of B & B and thought it sounded wonderful, if mysterious. Thanks to your sharing, it is still wonderful, but a mystery no more! :D

Great pics, I think my favorite is your finished SN set!

debbie said...

Thanks SO much for sharing all of your wonderful projects ~ they all look awesome, what a great job you did! I already signed up for the June gathering!I love Stacy & Maggie& all of their designs! Loved the pics, it was so nice of you to take so much of your time to share with us! Happy Halloween ~ love the "hot dog" pics, too!
Debbie :)