Monday, October 24, 2011

Boxwood&Berries~Day 3

Day 3 has arrived! Today was filled with smaller projects, but each of them just as special!
We started with Maggie Bonanomi's Angel Wings! Maggie gave us an assortment of papers from old books and ledgers. We had such fun reading snippets from days gone by...
I thought that the wings were going to be too big for me to display and store at home. Maggie was so gracious to sketch out a smaller set of wings for me and help me to adjust the little paper feathers. I just love the finished project! Here it is:

I think that they will just stay out now until after Christmas as I love them so :) Hmmm, maybe I'll leave them out for Valentines Day as well!

Today Selma also helped us to frame sweet little photographs as ornaments. This technique was demonstrated by Blackbird Designs last year and this year we had the opportunity to make one. I'm not sharing mine right now as it has inspired thoughts of Christmas gifts... Jeanne and Selma will be doing these ornaments as a Make it Take it during Country Sampler's Christmas Open House in November. Click here to learn more.

Maggie also shared her fabulous prim ideas for holiday gift wrapping and gift giving. I loved the idea of fresh greens to cushion your gifts instead of tissue ~ a feast for the eyes and the nose!

And old mason jars! What a great way to give a gift! Maggie's ideas seem endless and are always a delight!

Who wouldn't love to open a gift like this on Christmas Day!!!

After lunch, Jeanne organized a special treat for us! Involving this beautiful basket of leaves...

Pat McCorkle, a local of the Spring Green area, came in and shared her special talent... Maple Leaf Crowns! Pat likes to create them in public places for others to enjoy, then shares them with strangers and friends alike! What a lovely way to "pass it on" and share the beauty of nature's autumn bounty!

She mentioned giving them to strangers that show an interest in what she is doing and the fun and joy of watching their surprise as she hands over a crown.

She also leaves crowns on unadorned pumpkins on doorsteps. Imagine the fun when the homeowner comes home to realize their pumpkin has been having fun ;)

She shared with us in hopes that we will keep the Maple Crowns alive and will pass it on as well...

Here is Nel wearing her new crown.

And Selma gathered a few leaves for a crown of her own! Beautiful!
I made a little candle ring out of maple leaves. And have now realized that I haven't taken a photo to share... I will definitely be sharing this idea and passing it on in the autumns to come...


Just one more day of Boxwood & Berries to share. Then it is time for goodbyes and the long wait for another year... Thanks for sharing my journey! Until next time...

Blessings, Patti


Anonymous said...

Patti...I really like your smaller wings. I think it would be great to leave them out until Valentines day.
Your smaller pair has given me an idea to make some really small ones as Christmas tree ornies. My father's biblical library is still in my possession but we are in the mist of liquidating it since he has been home in Heaven for the past two years now. I think I will save some of his older books and sermon outlines to use.
Thanks for the post and the inspiration.

Linda said...

I so want to go next year......can't believe how much you got done in so little time...... Thanks for sharing!

marly said...

I can see why you enjoyed this event so much. Since angels are with us always, I'm thinking of making wings and hanging them a few inches down from the ceiling in my bedroom corner. Thanks for sharing!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow....that sure was a fun-filled and project-packed event....I didn't realize they included all of these "non-stitching" kind of things. I adore your little wings....And those maple leaf crowns are so sweet....Truly appreciate your sharing your days with us - almost feels like I was there.....Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Raymond Homestead said...

So enjoying reading about your event!

nancy huggins said...

That is sooo cool and what a wonderful way to share ideas with some beautiful fall colors and leaves :)

Liezbeth said...

Patti, by reading your blog I really re-live the wonderfol time we shared at the Boxwood & Berries!
Hugs from the Netherlads,