Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well, I didn't get any crafting done this weekend. I usually stay up until 12:00 or 1:00 every night, but this weekend I haven't been able to stay awake past 11:00. I did however reread Daddy Long Legs (see the previous post) and it was just as wonderful as I remembered...

Our local historical society had their annual antique flea market on Saturday. Since it was just down the street, I had to stop and see what treasures I could find. And of course, I did find some treasures:

How could I resist?? Years ago my parents, sister and I did a lot of antiquing together. We had a saying, "We'll buy anything for a $1!" and three of my purchases above were for a $1 each. The "wool primer", the stitching sampler and the primitive stick on top. Any idea what the stick is? If you know, be sure to tell me :) I was thinking it might be a washing stick and I was thinking of using it to put my fabrics in and out of the dye pot. Did you see the size of the two keys on top?! I love them!
The painting on the right is quite a treasure - my first antique theorem in its original frame! I have several theorems in my kitchen, mostly still lifes of bowls of fruit. Up til now I've been purchasing new thereom paintings made by current artists in the traditional style. Theorem paintings were created in the Victorian era by painting on velvet - usually with stencils. Here's a close-up of the beautiful work:

I asked the woman that I purchased it from if she knew anything about it. She said she purchased it from an elderly woman who said that it had always hung in her childhood home. The elderly woman decided to sell it because she was constantly having visitors and she felt it was because of the painting :) It's already hanging on my kitchen wall. I wonder if I'll be getting a lot of visitors now?

Isn't this stitching sampler special? It is marked in pencil with the needlewoman's name at top with each of the stitches labeled lightly in pencil. I can't decide... shall I frame it, make it into a pillow, or gently lay it in a treenware bowl with some old sewing implements? What do you think?
I hope that your weekend was filled with treasures!
Blessings, Patti

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