Saturday, June 15, 2019

Pennies from Heaven ~ Volume 21

Mom had so many finishes in the past year that we didn't have time to photograph them all.
This is just a selection of the favorites.

"Tulip Row"
by Granny's Legacy Patterns 

Aren't the details lovely?

"Rambling Rabbit"
by Crane Designs

I love the patterned daffodil-colored background.

"Garden Hearts"
by Rebekah L Smith

The colors show brighter than reality here, but I wanted to show the beads that Mom is fond of using rather than french knots. 

Folk Hearts for Home
by Rebekah L Smith

Sew sweet! And again, see the beads...
There is another heart in this pattern that Mom is working on now...

White Flower Table Mat
by Primitive Gatherings

Mom started with the single pattern and then made a set to coordinate in different locations in her home. I think that she really out did herself with this amazing set!

The details are so lovely!

I think that this was a fabulous idea!!!

The Law of the Lord is perfect, restoring life.
The testimony of the Lord is steadfast, making foolish people wise.
The precepts of the Lord are upright, making the heart rejoice.
The commandment of the Lord is pure, giving light to the eyes.
~Psalm 19:7-8

Blessings, Patti


Mary A said...

I always enjoy seeing what your mom has done. She's very talented! You are so lucky to share the needlearts with her. I miss my mom and would've loved to share this with her.

Karen said...

Your mom's finishes are oh so good. I especially like the tulip piece and the one with the rabbit. She does nice work.

Donna G. said...

So pretty. Thanks for sharing photos of these lovely projects.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow....and more wow! Some gorgeous finishes!! They are each and every one a beautiful work of art, but my heart is drawn to Rebekah’s patterns. I picked up an appliqué book of hers a few weeks ago, and have to decide which I want to attempt first. ~Robin~

Lady Locust said...

She did outdo herself. Those are beautiful. I love the whimsy that daisies add to a piece. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

They are all so beautiful.
Her work is just perfect.
Love the black & white set, gorgeous.

denise said...

They are beautiful!

Candee said...

All gorgeous!! Do you & your mom use a magnifier light, especially for cross stitching? I’m shopping for one now and trying to decide which one to purchase.

Simple Pleasure said...

Eye candy at it's finest...incredible workmanship! I seriously think you and Mom should offer a class on wool appliqué...people would be blessed with wonderful teachers...
Warm regards,

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

How nice to be able to share the love of needlework with your mom. I'm sure you treasure your time spent together!