Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Furry Fall Friends

"Bittersweet Gatherings"
design by Tammy Black of Scattered Seed Samplers
Designed as a drum pinkeep, I loved the entire design so much that I wanted to see it all at once. So it became a sawdust stuffed pillow backed with a great vintage calico that I picked up at an estate sale some time ago. 

I love the little orange triangles on the sides.

and the squirrels and bittersweet, of course :)
I love squirrels with their sweet faces and bushy tails. So busy this time of year working on their winter stores of provisions. We have so many in our neighborhood with all of its many mature trees.
They amuse me with their antics as long as it doesn't include eating my home grown produce :)
Here are a few of my favorite squirrels:

A vintage Steiff squirrel surrounded by chalkware acorns
in an old treen trencher with make do repair.

Another vintage Steiff squirrel with velvet acorns on an antique candle holder.

Sweet squirrel by folk artist Ginny Henson.

And my newest dear squirrel by Lori Ann Corelis of The Spotted Hare.
While growing up, I remember walking with my grandfather hunting for the few rare black squirrels that resided in his neighborhood. I was so thrilled a few years back to spy a few in my own neighborhood now - they brought back sweet memories.

Isn't that face so sweet :)
Who is wise and understanding among you?
 Let them show it by their good life,
by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
~James 3:13
Blessings, Patti


linda said...

I love your squirrels and acorns! I think it is Lori Brechlin's mom that have black squirrels in their neighborhood, too.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Wonderful squirrels and acorns! The cross stitch pattern looks great as a pillow. I agree, you can see all the motifs all at once. It's a sweet pillow. Annie and I squirrel watch every day. Today they were so comical eating mushrooms twice the size of the squirrels themselves.
Enjoy the evening,

Heartlandstitcher said...

The squirrels are such little cuties! I like Bittersweet Gatherings finished into a pillow! Great stitching and finishing!

Lana Manis said...

I love them all.... and especially the black squirrel. We have one living amongst the trees in the field beside our house.

Anonymous said...

I've had my eye on that cross stitch squirrel pattern. Beautiful work! Did you change any of the floss colors? (It's hard to tell) Mouse.

Anonymous said...

Love this cross-stitch pattern....nice work on it! And adore your collection. I like the look of squirrels, but they sure are pesky here in Chicago!

Tammy Black said...
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Tammy Black said...

Hi Patti, I'm so happy to be following you and excited to be number 500! Thank you so much for sharing "Bittersweet Gatherings" really made my day when I saw it originally posted on PSS :)
Autumn Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers

Raymond Homestead said...

Those squirrels are so cute! Love the wool applique and love the maggie quilt. It's one of my favorite patterns!