Saturday, April 25, 2015

Still here... and a little giveaway

Gosh, it has been almost two weeks since my last post. 
Will anyone come back to see me?

Life has been busy with the added stress of a few deadlines - things that I am unable to share yet, but hope it will be worth the wait :) In addition, I have had debilitating headaches for a month now. I've tried to "power through" the best I can, but my concentration and productivity were severely impacted. I was able to see a specialist this week and hope I am on the path to healing. The hardest part of the solution is only eating a very soft diet - nothing harder than pasta. I can't believe it, but I really miss my salads :)

For those of you that are still here, I'd like to have a little giveaway.

I made a little button box out of neutral wool.

Of course, I had to fill the button box with a handful of vintage cream colored buttons of plastic, mother of pearl and glass.

The little box features different wool on each side.

All in neutral creamy tones.

And here are the little handful of buttons.

This little giveaway is open to all.

To enter leave me a comment on this post or if you are not on blogger, feel free to send me an email to:
with the subject "Giveaway" so that I can find it :)

Unfortunately, I won't be back to post again for another long week or so.
I am off to the "From Our Hands and Hearts" workshop in Peninsula, Ohio.
You can read about it here.
I'll be taking classes with Rebekah L. Smith and Stacy Nash! How fun is that?! 
I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones as well.

(a sneak peek of my Stacy Nash class homework.)

My question for you... I will be traveling I-80 across Indiana and Ohio. Are there any wool, cross stitch, or antique shops near the highway that should not be missed? Any shops near Peninsula that are "must see"s? I don't want to miss anything! Please comment or send me an email if you have any suggestions. 
I'll even give you two entries in the giveaway ;)

I will be back on May 4th with the winner of my giveaway and a full report of the workshop!

"To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.
He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ."
~Colossians 1:27-28

Blessings, Patti


Sheila said...

I can't answer your question about the shops as I don't live in the area and have not traveled the area,but wanted to say your button box is absolutely adorable. I've not seen anything quite like that. Enjoy your travels.

The Rusty Thimble said...

what a sweet button box so unique
I would love a chance to win it
enjoy your work shop, not from that area I am in Oklahoma

annie said...

So very sorry you have been unwell, hoping for better days for you. Enjoy your trip. I've never been through there, but am sure you will find the best places to see.Please count me in the giveaway.

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

Dear Patti,
I wish I could join you in Peninsula, Ohio. I love that little town. And miss that area.
Your button box, it is just the cutest.
I hope your health will not give you any problems during your trip, take care.

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Your box give away is precious. I am so jealous that you are taking a class from Rebekah Smith. She is one of my woolie heros.

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Your box give away is precious. I am so jealous that you are taking a class from Rebekah Smith. She is one of my woolie heros.

sandi s said...

I love the button box you made, it's so cute. I love buttons too. Your stitching is very pretty. I love to cross stitch also. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Just over the Indiana border, in Laporte, is a wonderful shop, House of Stitches. they have everything, stocked full and with friendly, very nice staff. It is a destination shop for many but I'm lucky enough to live here. They do have a website for more accurate info including directions. Diane

Phyllis said...

That button box is just adorable!
Safe travels!

lynda said...

what a sweet giveaway. I would love a chance to win. I hope your headaches get better soon.

Glenda said...

Oh I love buttons! beautiful box.

Marilyn said...

I hope your headaches subside soon.
That little box is just too darn cute.
I would love to own it. :)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

So sorry to hear you haven't been well. You're on my prayer list.

Checking out the link of where you'll be, and I hope someone can help you find cute shops.

Dirt Road Primitives said...

Safe travels, I live in Ohio but northeast not familiar with the area you will be traveling....I will be attending the shopping day May 2nd.. In peninsula....have fun taking the workshops...I thought about it but other things took over...maybe next year...

denise said...

love that little button box!!! feel better soon!! :)

edie said...

Patti, never fear, we, your readers and followers, will always be back! The button box is so sweet. Medical issues are no fun, you be good to yourself. Take LOTS of pix from your classes and trip, be safe in your travels, AND have lots of fun!

Colleen said...

So sorry you are not feeling well! Hopefully you are on the road to recovery. Your trip sound like a lot of fun! Enjoy!
Love your button box full of buttons!
Safe travels,

Nancy said...

Hi Patti - I'm from Missouri and I my two friends are flying to the retreat in Ohio. We have friends there to stay with. I'm taking the morning Rebekah Smith class. Hope to see you there. Love the button box. Nancy P.

Jimmie said...

Oh Patti, what a sweet little button box! I would be soooo delighted to be the winner.

Diane in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little creation and so useful!!
Have fun at your classes. Can't wait to see your projects. My suggestion is to stop at House of Stiches I. Laporte, IN

Margaret K. Fron IA

Simple Pleasure said...

Dearest Patti,
I trust your health issues will not take away from you enjoying every moment of this stitching class...can't wait to see your results! The button box is delicious...and I LOVE, LOVE buttons...please enter my name in the giveaway.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Kathy L. said...

Love the button box! I hope you have a wonderful trip ( and that your headaches stay away ). I envy you all the wonderful workshops you get to take. I don't know the area, but please share lots of pics. I live vicariously through your photos.

Faye said...

What fun!!!! I love that cute little guy, especially filled with sweet buttons~ thanks're always being generous..... I hate the headaches are hammering on you... Not fun. Our bodies speak to us! And, how incredible is it that you'll be taking those workshops next weekend??? I love Stacy and sure do want to meet Rebekah some day... I'll miss you at the PSS... Lots of fun times going on!! Safe travels and I can't wait to see your awesome photos.... Faye

primdollie said...

Oh Patti I simply adore your button box and so happy I follow your blog and you on FB too! I saw your post about places to stop on the way here for the classes in Peninsula and sadly not familiar enough of that trek of highway to help you out! I'm so thrilled you are getting to go to the classes and sad I am not able to and had to drop out! I too had signed up for Stacy's class and the other was with Doreen!!! Enjoy your classes and have fun!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Would have loved to meet you and everyone else that are going!! I'll be thinking of you as I do my knee therapy!!!!!

jan said...

Patti - Very sweet button box. Sorry to hear about your headaches. My daughter gets debilitating migraines, so I have seen how incapacitating they can be. Hope your new treatment is effective. ...jan

Pamela said...

What an adorable button box! Would love to enter for a chance.
what a great time you will have at your stitching workshop! Sounds like lots of fun.
Have a great time and hope you have some relief due to your headaches.
Happy Stitching!

twoives said...

Love your button box and would love to give it a home. What a fabulous trip! Those two women will have your creative juices flowing. I cannot help with shops in Florida.

Barb said...

Love the button box. Cant wait to meet you in person at the workshop. The classes and shopping will be fun.

Jean Bee said...

Love that little box! I am so envious that you are going to that show! Can't wait to see your treasures!

lou said...

Love your button container and the buttons. It is a wonderful organizer for buttons and jewelry. Have a safe trip.

Sandi said...

Sounds like a lovely workshop to attend, I'm jealous. I've never been that Far East along I-80. So I hope you share where you went along the way coming and going.

Your button keep is lovely...maybe a consolation prize for trying?

Mary Margaret said...

The button box is lovely. THanks for the giveaway!!

My heart is here said...

What a lovely little box!

Prairie Stitcher said...

I'm far away from you, too, in WA state....I think that button box could catch some thread, too. I check into your blog often and enjoy it very much. You're teaching me to love're invited to visit me at Prairie Cottage Corner. Come over and we'll have a virtual scone and a cuppa something and chat....virtually! Thanks for sharing.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'd love to be entered in your give away. Thank you for the chance.
Have a wonderful time in your classes and take lots of pictures to share. I've decided to take a wool dyeing class Saturday instead of going to the show. I figure it will be a whole lot
Safe travels.
Hugs :)

Vicki Jo said...

What a beautiful little button box! Thanks for sharing with us! (If you were coming to Rhode Island, I could tell you the places to stop on your way.) Have a wonderful trip!

LD said...

Hi Patti. We just met today in Rebekha's class. I truly enjoyed meeting and stitching with you. I hope our paths continue to cross in the future.


Sheryl S. said...

Just found your blog. What a fun giveaway, very pretty work. Hope you had an enjoyable getaway. I used to suffer from awful headaches all stress related.