Saturday, June 1, 2013

A peek at June...

My planned post for today was to share my offerings for June...
But my mailing list friends gave me such an overwhelming response and I have sold out.
Thank you ever so much!
I thought that I would share a few photos anyway.
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I have plans on what I would like to create already...

Strawberry season has arrived here on Winding Vine. One of my absolute favorite seasons!
I started a little strawberry patch when we moved to Winding Vine 18 years ago. It has been such a joy ~ some years yielding 10 - 15 pounds in my tiny urban yard. My strawberry patch was decimated last summer due to the draught so I am rebuilding the patch this year. I am trying a new variety of everblooming strawberries that produce fruit all summer long. We will see how that goes…
My very first online offerings five years ago today were strawberry themed and I have made it a tradition every June since…
I hope that you have enjoyed my peek at June. 
And I hope that strawberries are beginning to ripen in your corner of the world.
There is still time to enter my little giveaway in the post below...
"THE Strawberry blooms upon its lowly bed,
Plant of my native soil!--the Lime may fling
More potent fragrance on the zephyr's wing,
The milky Cocoa richer juices shed,
The white Guava lovelier blossoms spread--
But not, like thee, to fond remembrance bring
The vanished hours of life's enchanting spring;
Short calendar of joys for ever fled!
Thou bid'st the scenes of childhood rise to view,
The wild wood-path which fancy loves to trace;
Where, veil'd in leaves, thy fruit of rosy hue
Lurk'd on its pliant stem with modest grace.
But ah! when thought would later years renew,
Alas, successive sorrows crowd the space!"
 ~Helen Maria Williams
Blessings, Patti


Heather said...

I must say, I have become hooked on strawberries and making little strawberry stitcheries. Yours are wonderful! I love the bits of measuring tape on the tops. I am happy for you that they sold out!

Aww, so sad about your former strawberry bed! I will be curious to hear how your everblooming bushes turn out. I haven't ever grown strawberries myself, but as a kid, I would sneak strawberries and put them in my pockets. My mom always seemed to catch me. How did she know! ;)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful things!


Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh my, I love wooly good strawberries ! And yours are lovely. ;)

marly said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I can grow them and if it would be easier than sewing them. It seems you're pretty good at both!

jennifer768 said...

Awesome berry goodness!Such beautiful work.Hugs,Jen

C Reeder PhxAz said...

THanks for the link to I found some awesome stuff this past weekend in Phoenix Arizona through that site!

The strawberries remind me of my grandmother from many years ago - she was a quilter and always had that strawberry emery with her needles in it. Thanks for the memory!

Enter me to win your giveway please!

Charlene R in Phoenix Arizona

Carrie P. said...

I love these and the use of the snaps on the strawberries is such a cute idea.