Sunday, September 30, 2012

We have a winner!

Thank you so much to the 41 people who entered my giveaway!
The gourd count responses ranged from 7 to 71.
(I think my favorite response was 9 1/2 ;)
No one guessed the exact number which was...19!
Not bad for cityfolk! Especially since we didn't even plant the gourd plant!
The closest guess was Ronnie with 18.
Ronnie, please send your mailing address to me at and I will get your pumpkins in the mail.
I see that I have just reached 300 followers! Are there really 300 people who want to see and hear what I do?!?! Wow! I guess that I will have to plan another giveaway to celebrate soon ;)
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
~ Phillipians 4:13
Blessings, Patti


marly said...

Congratulations to Ronnie!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Patti, wowhoo!!!!! 300 followers, good for you. Congrats to Ronnie, sweet pumpkin. Blessings Francine.

moosecraft said...

Wow! That looks just perfect! The white pumpkin with those lovely fabric leaves on a silver platter! :-)

Ronnie said...

Thank you so much, it is so exciting to win a prize and especially from you, your work is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Raymond Homestead said...

Congratulations to Ronnie!

annie said...

Congrats Ronnie!! Good for you!

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

300 followers is a great achievement! Congrats to Ronnie. ~Roberta