Monday, August 15, 2011

This & That

What a wonderful late summer weekend.
I did a bit of stitching
and hope to have a finish to share soon
I did a little antiquing - found a great bed ticking, a grater (that will be a timer candle holder), some spools for a future project, and a sweet little graniteware bowl. Somehow I have started collecting gray graniteware - I like that it is still inexpensive and I'm using the pieces for craft supplies.
All these years of gardening and I never cut the flowers to bring inside.
I'm not sure if it is because I don't think of them as "cut" flowers or if I am afraid the garden will look sparse. But I have changed my mind this year and keep cutting little mini bouquets for around the house.
Summer is wrapping up and there is a hint of autumn in the air.
I love it!
Blessings, Patti


WoolenSails said...

Love your new pieces and those spools. I am always looking for old wooden ones, but usually I just find the smaller ones.

A belated Happy Birthday!


Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Your new wool pieces look great so far. Love the little buttons on the flower.
And you cut flowers look so pretty in their containers.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Joanne said...

Your "stitching" looks wonderful! Great finds! Nothing like some pretty flowers to brighten up the day!

Raymond Homestead said...

I need to start a wool project! Love the colors in your new wool piece!

marly said...

You certainly do find really nice items! Sweet wool flower - but I'm not ready for fall!!!