Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Tuesday night a strong storm came through the Chicago area with 80mph winds. It was quick and fierce, knocking down trees and power lines. We lost power immediately and it stayed off for 48 hours. Traffic lights were out throughout our town and surrounding towns making travel difficult and we lost many branches from our trees. We had to throw away 4 large black garbage bags of food from our fully stocked refrigerator and freezers, but I can't complain knowing what other communities have been going through.

Thank goodness for battery powered Ott lights so I could keep on creating :) and battery powered booklights and radios came in handy too. And I found another reason to really like those battery operated timer candles :)

This weekend was perfect ~ sunny skies, nice warm temps and a steady breeze!

Life is wonderful!

"Shine, Jesus shine
Fill this land with the Father's glory
Blaze, Spirit blaze,
Set our hearts on fire
Flow, river flow
Flood the nations with grace and mercy
Send forth Your word
Lord and let there be light."
~Cliff Richard

Wishing you a week that shines!

Blessings, Patti


primitivebettys said...

Oh Patti, I'm so glad you are all safe. Sorry about the power outage & loss of food... but good thing for the battery light. Your handmades are beautiful as always. I love the cherries!!! :)

Raymond Homestead said...

Sounds like it was quite a storm! This summer has not been a good one what with storms and flooding.
I always get so excited when I see your wool projects!! Love your header also, you always have neat ones!

marly said...

What perfectly spaced stitches on your daisy! Sorry to hear about your bad storm - thank goodness it wasn't a tornado. Your header photo cherries are SO sweet!

pj said...

Glad to hear you are safe Patti. You are so those cherries!!!! pam in iowa

jennifer768 said...

Glad that you are safe.I am sorry for the loss of power and food.Love the cherries in your header.Hugs,Jen

A.B. said...

love the cherries in your banner.
you deserve major compliments.