Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boxwood & Berries ~ Day 3

(Thanks for your patience in waiting for more Boxwood & Berries.
This past weekend I had a flu shot and think that I had a reaction to it ~ a 101.9 fever, aches and yuckiness. But I am definitely on the mend.)
Day 3 was Maggie's Day and the long anticipated heart shaped box! We were all so eager to get started on this project. Then discovered that the box would be completely hand made from flat cardboard. I knew then that I was leaving my comfort zone! But we took it one slow step at a time and were beginning to see some progress.

Here is a view of the inside. The underside of the lid has a sweet red velvet pincushion.
After lunch, Kim, Taffra (CA) and I decided that we needed a little break. So we took a ride along the lovely countryside in Spring Green WI.

We stopped at an antique store down the road where we each found a treasure.

The textures and colors everywhere were so inspiring!

The colors along the Wisconsin River were at their peak.

We returned back to class and our heart boxes.
Then went back to our rooms and worked on our boxes some more.
The result...

We were able to complete our boxes!
Another completed project to take home and enjoy.
Going into the retreat I thought that they would make lovely gifts for my mom and sister for Christmas. I don't think that I will make another (sorry Mom & Pam!), but I will treasure this heartfelt box always!!!
Blessings, Patti

p.s Stay tuned... just one more day and this adventure will be complete :)


Nancy in WI said...

Thank you for your lovely posts of the retreat.....I am enjoying them! What direction out of town did you head? It's looks beautiful. I can't wait to go there again. I didn't go to the retreat but was there just to shop the week before. I love that shop!

pj said...

Great pics Patti and thanks for sharing them. Those heart boxes sure did give us fits! But, as a team we worked it out and they are lovely.

I wish I would have gone with you to see Bill! That was an interesting place. pam in iowa

Mindy said...

Thank you so much for sharing about the retreat! The heart boxes are neat, although they look like they would be hard to do. Glad you are feeling better!

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

I love seeing your retreat pics and the box you made is just amazing. Looks like a ton of work but I'm sure it was well worth the effort.
Take care.

primitivebettys said...

Man-O-Man! I wish I could have been there too! Lovely finishes & lovely Ladies! :)

miss Potter, said...

I adore your blog, every post is a surprise, you magically have imagination and a refined style :)

Sandy from Italy

PrimitiveJan said...

I have so enjoyed reading all about your class and love all the great creation that you all have done. what a great location to have a retreat at. How long was it for? Do they do this every year. I would love to sign up for the next one.

edie said...

Okay, Patti, you and your group would definitely fall in the over-achievers category! What a great job you all did. Did you sign up for next year? I think we are going again -- we did put our names on the list. Your work is gorgeous. Thanks for your blog!