Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you know what this is?

Can you tell what all those little red & white dots are?
If you guessed people, you are right!
About 2 million!
After 49 years of waiting, everyone wanted to come out to celebrate the
Stanley Cup Champions!
About an hour before the parade arrived and no one could move! I thought I would join in, but with temperatures at 88 degrees and muggy and crowds this size, I decided the views from the office were just fine :)

Finally the parade arrived!

13,000 pounds of shredded newspaper and who knows how much red, black and white confetti rained down from the skyscrapers.

You can see the people leaning out the windows and standing on the fire escapes to the right.

If you look carefully at the back of the last bus, you can see the Stanley Cup.

It looks like red snow!
The police horses are incredible to watch - they stay so calm in the sea of humanity.

It made me a little nervous watching the crowds try to surge towards the rally stage.

I'm thinking that a lot of the people deep in the masses couldn't see very much, but there is a thrill to be a part of the crowd. Nontheless, I think I made the right choice watching from inside. Amazingly, no one was injured.

The stage was facing away from our office, but we were able to see the players waiting to be called on stage. I love in the center of this pic one police officer taking the picture of another officer with one of the players :)

The entire city celebrated. Here is the IBM Building draped in a 10 story banner.

And the Art Institute Lions are appropriately attired.
Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!

My son found this in the newspaper and thinks that I should stitch it up :) !
Well, I move from one extreme to another...
this weekend my sister and I travel to central Illinois to visit our parents in the Heart of Amish Country. I look forward to the peace and calm and to time with my family, most of all!
Thanks for your patience while I share our city's excitement.
Blessings, Patti


corinna said...

what fun and what a great view!

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Congrats to your Blackhawks on bringing home the cup. Even though I'm said our Philly Flyers didn't pull it off, the games were fun to watch.


CONGRATULATIONS - From a Flyers guys deserved the "CUP"...enjoy!!! Judy, Pottstown, PA

Cindy said...

Awesome pictures! I think you made a great choice to stay where you were at :)

The games were a lot of fun to watch, too.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness - and I thought that Detroit was one crazy town for their hockey. Those pictures are amazing. I don't think that I've ever seen so many people. We're big hockey fans and even though Detroit wasn't playing, it was a fantastic game!!

Suzanne said...

Hi Patti, I think you made the right decision by staying out of the huge crowd too! lol!
What an exciting event, thanks for giving us a view from the top! :)