Thursday, September 4, 2008


Over Labor Day weekend, we spent an afternoon visiting at my sister-in-law Joy's family home. Joy is definitely a kindred spirit. She encouraged me to join her at craft shows more that fifteen years ago and we have been doing shows together ever since. Joy, of Joyfully Yours, is a talented folk artist who always inspires me.Their home is lovely and their backyard is like a little slice of Eden. An afternoon in the garden and I felt as refreshed as if I had been on vacation. The fish and Koi are so sweet. When Joy or her husband Garry come near, the fish come right to the edge and almost flip out of the water. The following one was my favorite...I have put two of Joy's sheep creations in my etsy shop. We'll share a shop for now :) just as we hope to share a brick and mortar shop someday... You'll be seeing more Joyfully Yours creations soon.

We are off for a long weekend of camping at one of my favorite state parks. This is how our youngest son has chosen to spend his birthday. (He wants to open gifts and eat cake around the campfire.) Hopefully, I will have some lovely photos when I return. I know that I have some big Winding Vine Designs news to share when I get back.

Blessings, Patti


Suzanne said...

What a beautiful and relaxing feature to have in your backyard...we'd love to have a koi pond.
Have a great time camping, and Happy B-day to your son.
Can't wait to hear about your news when you return!

jane augenstein said...

Love the fish and the pond is so beautiful. What good pictures.
I have something on my blog for you.

jane augenstein said...

you are very welcome!!!
Your blog is great; have fun! :-)
blessings to you,

Christine LeFever said...

Your sister-in-law's back yard replete with koi in a pond is beautiful. You have done a remarkable job of sharing it; thank you!

Christine (Zwee!!!)

~Tonya said...

The pictures from Joy's backyard look like they are out of Eden. It looks so serene and relaxing there.