Thursday, August 7, 2008

More vacation photos

We had such a wonderful time that I had to share a little more. Living on the outskirts of Chicago, we have seen urban sprawl move out farther and farther. You begin to wonder if there is any open space anymore. It made my heart happy to travel through so many open areas (not far from major cities). I think cityfolk really need to connect with nature as much as possible to feel grounded and in synch with the seasons. Or maybe that's just me :)

Can you guess what city this is?
Should I give you a hint?
I always find old cemetaries wherever I go...Such incredible works of art. I love old churches too.
This probably gives you a better idea what city we are in... O.k. I guess I'll tell you with a single photo:
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed NYC. I could never live there, but it was so much fun to visit that we are already talking about returning.
This is probably what most people think of when they think of NYC:
But I'll think of this: "Deep in my heart I do believe that we shall live in peace someday." -Anonymous

Blessings, Patti


Suzanne said...

New York City is so diverse! We visited there a few years ago. Did you visit the Natural History Museum?
So glad your family had a safe and fun trip!

Lana said...

My daughter loved NYC and wants to return (probably to live there!). I would like to visit, but I'm not a city girl and would definitely be back home soon. Glad you had a great time!