Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Valentine Giveaway

I've always loved Valentine's Day.
Not in a romantic dozen red roses and diamond earrings way,
but in a decorated shoebox, handing out little handmade cards, childlike kind of way.
The joy of something little ~ handmade and heartfelt.

In that frame of mind, I would love to pay it forward and share this little Winding Vine Designs handmade heart sewing box and antique brass skeleton key. What good is a heart without a key to it :) I might just include a few other goodies too while I am at it...
I love the variety of fabrics in this old piece of crazy quilt and the wonderful embroidery, too.
The inside is lined with a vintage velvet.

As always, this giveaway is open to everyone. You can either leave a comment on this post or send me an email at with "Valentine Giveaway" in the subject line so I can keep track.
To reward my followers, you will have an additional entry if you are a follower. Just note it in your comment.
And to earn a third entry, sign up for the TDIPT Mercantile newsletter and also note it in your comment or email. You can sign up for the newsletter here. The charity event starting over at TDIPT Mercantile tomorrow night is going to be fun!
So in your comment or email, please tell me ~ what do you like to eat on Valentine's Day? I remember the first year we were married I made a heart shaped meatloaf for dinner :) Maybe I will do that again this year....
I will pick a winner on Valentine's Day. Good luck to each of you!
"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."
         ~Ephesians 4:2
Blessings, Patti

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Winter's Day

design by Buttermilk Basin
We are in the midst of a winter storm here in Chicago. If it was snow, I would be celebrating as we have had less than 2 inches of snow so far this year. Instead it is ice and freezing rain. I hate ice. Falling down a flight of concrete stairs on the ice almost two decades ago has left me with a lasting fear of ice.
So I have stayed inside all day cooking, baking and doing laundry.
I thought these two recent finishes were appropriate for today.

design by Pineberry Lane
This is a scissor fob that I made for a friend's 50th birthday. I gave it to her this weekend.
 I think that she liked it :)
I have been talking for several posts about doing another giveaway as I haven't had one in quite some time. I'm finishing it up today. Will take some photos and will post it this week.
So stay tuned...
"So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom."
~Psalm 90:12
Blessings, Patti 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A (not so) "in season" stitcher

"Boughs of Holly"
design by Maggie Bonanomi
a Country Sampler Girls Club Kit

 I am usually an "in season" stitcher. As soon as a holiday or season is over, I stop work on that seasonal project and pack it away for the following year. Then start something for the given new season / holiday.

Let's call this a "winter" project :)
I just love the colors and the way that it turned out!
Thanks Maggie for another phenomenal project and thanks Jeanne of Country Sampler for another incredible year of the Maggie Club. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings...

I realized that I didn't have any good backing fabric for this piece, so I gave Jeanne a ring and she sent me the perfect fabric - I just love it!
(I always add ticking tags with something meaningful to me while creating when I complete a project.)
Now it is on to a few snowmen and wintery projects...
I hear some Valentine projects whispering in my ear :)
I spent a few minutes today adding to my etsy shop ~ a few handmades and a few antique treasures.
I am trying to downsize, but it is always hard to part with treasures ;)
Click the link on the left or here to take a peek.
Blessings, Patti

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Light of the World

Have you seen the waterless snow globes people have been creating?
I didn't have a large jar, so I used a glass cloche.
I was trying to think of something to put in the bottom to look like snow, and finally settled on antique mother of pearl buttons - I have lots of those :)
"Here comes the letdown Christmas is over
Here comes the meltdown, there goes the cheer
But before we have a breakdown, let us remember
The light of the world is still here"
The Christmas decorations are put away and I am enjoying my winter decorations ~ antique sleigh bells, ice skates and lanterns.
"So take down the stockings, take back the sweaters
Take down the lights and the star and the tree
But don’t let this world take your joy after Christmas
Take joy to the world and just sing"
This is busy season for accountants like me ~ closing the books for the auditors and tax accountants to do their thing. I've been working 60 - 70 hours a week. Doesn't leave much time for anything else but sleep. Whenever I can I put in one or two stitches before my eyes close involuntarily.
"Happy day after Christmas
And merry rest of the year
Even when Christmas is over
The light of the world is still here"
~ "Day after Christmas" by Matthew West
A really beautiful song. My favorite right now.
If you have a chance, please listen to it.
You won't be disappointed.
Blessings, Patti
p.s. For the many that have asked about the Dove of Peace mat found here, it is actually called "Tidings of Peace" by Maggie Bonanomi and can be found in "Holly Threads" by Need'l Love.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
It is exciting to start a New Year not knowing what it will bring...
My plan for today was to start taking down the Christmas decorations, but the energy level has been low. I think that I will wait until the weekend.
Instead I have added some new items to my Etsy shop and have done a few chores around the house.
I think it might be a good day to start a new wool project as well.
Be sure to stop by TDIPT Mercantile if you have a moment...
The artists have updated their offerings.
Hope you take a few moments to do something that you love today ~ a very good way to start a new year :)
Blessings, Patti